's a good thing! four words sum up the idea behind this blog. but why is this one different? why is it different from the many I have out there? mostly it's here because i am evolving.i am changing. growinglearningyearningtryingwantingsharingcreatinggivingand loving every minute of it!this place is a work in progress and will continue to manifest in itself. thanks for coming along on this ride with magic carpet ride....called blogging...journaling...writing....about life.Update: 10/13/2011...more

letters to our kids

Just updated my new blog with it's first post with a series called, letters to our kids. It at    Still working on figuring out how to use this site! Love it!  ...more

Riding on the wings of change

The more I share this the more I believe I will follow through: taking better care of my body, and mind.   Therapy, fortitude, guidance, trust, finding me again.   Riding on the wings of change...  ...more