The Magic Bubble Trip

The Magic Bubble Trip Ingrid and Dieter Schubert ~ Kane/Miller 1985An early book by a husband and wife team who are two of the most famous children's book authors in the Netherlands, its cover haunted me for a while before I actually picked it up and read it. The fantastical realism inside, didn't disappoint.Meet James. He lives in a tall apartment building, but loves to visit the pond in the woods behind his place ....more

one, two, where's my shoe

one, two, where's my shoeTomi Ungerer ~ Harper & Row, 1964new edition from Phaidon, out in SeptemberI finally got around to watching the Tomi Ungerer biopic, Far Out Isn't Far Enough, and it has totally inspired me to see if I can make my Ungerer collection run a little deeper. Been seeking out titles on eBay and the like and came across this sweet little semi-wordless book that only has two lines of text, one on the first page and one on the last....more

Meet Zack Rock

To celebrate the publication of...more

The Sun: Our Nearest Star

The Sun: Our Nearest Star Franklyn M. Branley ~ Don Madden ~ Thomas Y. Crowell, 1988Wanted to drop in today to talk about Don Madden ....more

Homer Henry Hudson's Curio Musuem

Homer Henry Hudson's Curio Museum Zack Rock ~ Creative Editions, 2014I know this is a "new" book (so new you can't even get it until next month), but hear me out first......more

RIP Madeleine Gekiere

The beautiful artist...more

Only 4 Left!

Wow. You guys are awesome! Only four of the 20 left ....more

$20 Vintage Children's Book Grab Bag

Hello all. I know I still have some die-hard fans out there. We've been doing well, and while we still have time for picture books, we are fully immersed in other things like The Giver,...more

The San Antonio Book Festival

This post is for you locals out there... Last year, something amazing happened. San Antonio got its own book festival ....more

Crash! Bang! Boom!

Crash Bang BoomPeter Spier ~ Doubleday and Co., 1972It's been a great spring break here in Texas....more