Twenty Questions With Mardi Jo Link, Author of the new Memoir Bootstrapper

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the car, listening to NPR, and there was an interview with Mardi Jo Link, author of a new memoir, Bootstrapper. I pulled the car over and just sat and listened to her talk about trying to keep her farm when she got divorced and how difficult it was that first year.This is from the Amazon page, about the book:...more

The Ladies Who Lunch Live Longer

I was talking to another writer this morning and we got on the subject of friendships, and how important they are.Research shows that women with strong friendships are less stressed and more happy, and even live longer.One thing I missed terribly when I worked at Home Depot was the fact there was no central area with tables where everyone could eat lunch. I was accustomed to sitting in breakrooms at lunch where I could visit with other women in the office and share stories and jokes. I really missed that....more