Congo Lime Green

Not too long ago I was invited to run a one-week journalism workshop...more

Albania Tourism: Uncovering the World’s (Once) Most Isolated Country

He was scruffy, his beard matted and his shoelaces undone. He was drunk or stoned, or both. “Foreigners bad! ...more

A Cut Above: The Ongoing Tradition of FGM

It is a sunny day, hot even in December as Christmas nears in a rural village in Kenya, up somewhere near the borders of Uganda and what is now South Sudan. There is a festive spirit and the young girls are gathered and song and dance reverberate across the hills of West Pokot, bracing for ceremony. “I thought it was a normal celebration, everyone was smiling,” recalls Domtila Chesang ....more

Hate LA? No way!

Few cities seem to generate such extreme...more

9 Reasons Why Rhinos Matter

In southern Africa some years ago I was invited on a hunt. I was a journalist and lover of wildlife and this was something I absolutely did not want to do. But it was important to understand the rhino...more

What I Learned in 2014

It seems to be a rite of passage among travel bloggers – the yearly roundup, the laying out of ups and downs, the brickbats and bouquets. I chimed...more

The Cuban Embargo: Memories of the Mouse that Roared

It was 1999 when I arrived on a two-month assignment to cover...more

Les Halles in Lyon: Saucisson, Snails and Sea Urchins

There’s a certain thrill about uncovering a new market, new to me at least, a place others rave about so much I’m sure to be disappointed. A...more

Six Hours in Florence [PHOTOS]

The last time I visited Florence was for my 30th birthday, when friends flew me there to celebrate. I now live in France only a few hours away...more