What Scares Me

Born in 1970, I well remember The Cold War.  I spent the 80s waiting for nuclear war to begin.  I really did....more

30 Lists March 2014, Lists 1 - 4

This is my third month participating in the 30 Lists project. I have really become addicted. (Despite the fact I have yet to finish an entire month of lists.) It is such fun coming up with ideas for the lists....more

Writing Voice

For today's NaBloPoMo challenge, we are supposed to take a look at our writing voice and its reflection of ourselves.  My initial reaction was "no way".  Giving this some thought, I've realized that my writing style is very much a reflection of how I feel personally when I am out trying to make conversation with other people. ...more

Learning About Self

For March, I am once again participating in NaBloPoMo over at Blogher.  With this challenge, each month has a theme and for March the theme is "Self"....more

Project 52: Lobster Tail (Week 8)

Another week has passed and I am back with the next 2014 Project 52 photo.   ...more

Television Worth Watching

These days, it often seems like there is nothing worth watching on television.  Sometimes it seems like your time would be better spent watching a blank screen.  This is why i gave up cable television, to much money for too little good TV.  The good news is that there is video out there worth watching, but you may have to look somewhere other than your cable provider to find all the great stuff that is out there.  That's why I want to take a moment and share with you five shows I think are worth watching.1.  Classic Doctor Who...more

Perspective: Seeking Offense

Seeking offense is a topic that has been really weighing on me of late. How often are we going out seeking to be offended? Looking for a reason to jump on our favorite high horse?  I suspect it's a little too often....more

Project 52: David on Valentine's Day (Week 7)

I am back.  It has been kind of a crazy week around my house, so I have not posted as much as I normally would.  The good news is that things are getting back to normal and I can resume my daily posting schedule.  To get back on track, I am going to begin by sharing my week seven photo for Project 52. ...more

Sharing Two Layouts

It's once again that time when I share with you my latest layout creations. I have actually been really busy lately creating layouts. However, since some of them were for yet unreleased products, I can't show you them just yet. I do have two layout creations that I am excited to share with you today. ...more

Perspective on Valentine's Day

The last couple of years, I've noticed a Valentine's Day push back from unexpected places. If you've just come out of a relationship or you haven't had one in forever, I understand feeling negative toward's Valentine's Day. If you are in an unhappy relationship, that also makes sense. I used to have very mixed feelings towards Valentine's day. I loved giving gifts to my family, but I longed to have a boyfriend/husband to share the day with. So I totally understand negativity toward's Valentine's Day under these circumstances. ...more