The pressure we put on ourselves

I often read about mothers judging other mothers.  We all do it.  I am not a particularly judgey mcjudgerson type of person but I've caught myself giving side eye to another mother based on something I see at that moment. It's later that I remind myself that I don't know the context or what led up to the decision made by the mother I've judged. The one mother that I judge the harshest of all is myself....more
What a lovely post. Hope little Pea is feeling better. Hang in there and keep being gentle with ...more

Sometimes Motivation comes from unlikely sources

Last week I only made it to the gym once.  Pea's juvenile arthritis flared and we had a few days of being up all night and missing school. This weekend was busy with soccer and my fabulously talented niece's surprise 18th party.  We had a blast.  Big families are awesome! The kids are also out for spring break this week and Pork Chop's best friend is keeping us company so the gym will have to be pushed back on my schedule to the evenings we don't have soccer....more

Easy Easter DIY Window Clings

It's been a few months since we did our last window cling project.  The holiday season and successive Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas themed window clings, resulted in window cling burnout for my kids....more

Dear Mom who has recently miscarried

I know you have found my blog even though you never comment. I see it in my Google search referrals every day: “miscarriage quotes.”  Well I am writing to you today because there are a few things I want you to know.It’s been thirteen months since my miscarriage and it still hurts.But it doesn’t hurt all the time....more

DIY Glow in the Dark Window Clings

A few weeks ago, Echo from The Domain of a Mad Mommy, shared a wax paper painting craft.  It looked like so much fun that I immediately wanted ...more

Our back to school landing zone

If you've been reading this blog awhile you are probably aware that I have organization issues. It even affects how I've filed the posts on my site. I am constantly researching to improve and learned about landing pages or landing zones recently.Apparently landing pages help organize a blog and bring search engine traffic to the right place.So I figured that a home entry way organization "landing page" would help organize our home and bring traffic to the right place too....more

On Food Allergies and the First Day of School: She Was Okay

I breezed through the first day of school like an old pro today. I dropped my first grader off outside his classroom then made my way to kindergarten. My brave little girl sat stoically in her seat as I said my goodbyes. I threaded my way through the kindergarten parents clustered around the donut table in the courtyard. Sniffling while their little babies said the pledge of allegiance for the first time behind the closed doors. My carefully averted eyes giving them privacy and refusing to allow their emotions to affect me. I didn't stop for a donut—or a tissue. ...more
First of all, your daughter is a tart, and I don't say this lightly since it's one of my ...more

Crossed Paths

I've seen her three days in a row now, as I leisurely walk back to my car.  My steps are light, relaxed with pride in how much my children love going to school.  I pass her on the sidewalk,  towing her son along after the last bell has rung.  Tension lining her eyes.There is guilt there, and embarrassment, when she greets me.Her boy is like mine--which is why I suppose they are friends.  Barely contained exuberance, energy straining to break free.  Loud laughs and loud conversations.  They cause a ruckus wherever they are....more

How to Fake Mom Confidence like a Rockstar on the First Day of Kindergarten

I am sure you've seen all the posts about preparing your new school-ager for the first day of Kindergarten. My youngest is one of those new kindergartners and the tips have been a great help....more

Don't be that girl. Just don't.

  Do those people who argue about nature vs nurture have any children? If they did maybe they would stop debating this issue because the answer is CLEARLY both....more