Struggling to Maintain a Minority Language with Kids

My struggles, failures, and successes with raising multi-lingual kids and teaching them a minority language....more
I can relate so much to what you write!  I struggled to speak Norwegian to my children for ...more

Celebrating Chinese New Year (and Hong Kong Egg Cakes - Take Two)

Traditionally, my mom would prepare a lavish meal at home for Chinese New Year’s Eve but now that my parents are empty nesters with all three of us daughters scattered across the globe, my parents will celebrate over at my grandma’s house instead....more

Recreating a Lost Memory – Hong Kong Egg Cakes from New York’s Chinatown

I’ve been reminiscing about a part of my childhood in New York’s Chinatown where I attended Chinese school every weekend. After class, mom or dad would walk me over to Mosco Street where in a tiny red corner stall, labored Cecilia Tam (aka the Egg Cake Lady) to buy a bag or two of her legendary egg puffs (aka eggettes) or “gai daan jai” in Catonese....more

Oh Thanksgiving, How I Love Thee

A day dedicated to food, family, friends, and all thing to be thankful for. Did I mention food?A holiday that doesn’t involve religion so can be celebrated by all? A holiday that doesn’t involve obligatory give exchanges? No silly costumes (I hate dressing up). No singing (I can’t carry a tune). A holiday where you just stay home and eat?What’s not to love about Thanksgiving? It is without a doubt my favorite holiday of the year....more

Make Your Own Vietnamese Curry Powder

Before any other curry touched my lips, there was Vietnamese curry. It was, and still is, a staple at my mom’s house.Coconut and tomato based, thickened by starchy potatoes, I prefer my Viet curry not too soupy-thin yet not too stewy-thick. Like all curries and stews, it’s better the next day. I promise to provide a recipe soon. Today, I’d like to focus on the curry powder....more

Join me for this month’s Delicious Vietnam blogging event!

Remember when I said I was obsessed with making curries lately? One particular curry I have been thoroughly obsessing about is Vietnamese Curry. The problem is that I’ve nearly run out of Vietnamese curry powder!...more

In case of a child emergency, are you prepared?

“Is he breathing?”This is a question I never, ever, want to ask about my child but found myself doing so just recently to my husband.“Check if he’s breathing!” Please say he’s breathing. Please. Please.My husband finally replied that our son was breathing. Thank you Powers-That-Be!...more

Chicken Curry Spring Rolls - a twist on a Vietnamese classic

Vietnamese fried springs rolls are probably one of my top 10 favorite foods. These little crispy bundles of a delicious meat-seafood combination are flavored with Vietnamese fish sauce and traditionally rolled with rice paper. To make them extra crispy, the rice paper should be moistened in water that has been mixed with corn starch....more
@victorias_view thanks! i enjoyed them very much :)more

Please Don’t Tell Anyone I Made Croissants for Afternoon Tea!

TEA.Say that word to me and I will think of Jasmine tea and yum cha. Two things I grew up with in New York.But when spoken at my in-laws in Scotland, it usually means dinner (like that meal you have after lunch. Lunch being the meal one would have around noon in case there is any ambiguity). This was confusing to me for a while. I think it still is. ...more