A Straight Man's Guide to Surviving Beach Blanket Babylon

You're a straight man, meaning nothing sounds better than spending ninety minutes of precious life watching a show featuring wigs large enough to house several species of endangered animals, a buffet of show tunes belted out by big boned gals awash in glitter, and topical humor ripped straight from the pages of today's trashiest tabloids.  Yeah, and Barney the gay, purple dinosaur had just been named the official mascot of the winter Olympic ...more

Are Women More Available For Love Than Men? What Happened When I Switched Teams and Found Out.

Have you ever thought that your romantic life might be vastly improved by switching teams?  Ever fantasized about joining the lesbians driving U-hauls to their first dates?  After mastering the art of dating unavailable men, and finding myself mid-life, partnerless and still searching for love, the idea had certainly crossed my mind.  Perhaps another women would be better suited as a partner for the committed relationship that n...more
SeaHag I am the person you had this brief exchange with. I do find it offensive, as a gay ...more

Hunting For My Erotic Creature; An Amatuer Pole-Dancer's Memoir

From Red Light to Spot Light; Pole Dancing Goes Mainstream...more

Hotter Than A Telenovela: How I Was Seduced by Zumba!

While breakups often equal melodrama; it's not all tragedy.  Hell, appetite loss alone kick started dropping the long relationship "comfort" weight I'd put on.  When my depression diet had done all it could, I handled the rest the old fashioned way.  Goodbye bonbons and soap operas; I got my buxom bum to the gym....more

Feeling Like The Homecoming Queen 20 Years Later

     "There's no way I'm going to this" I told Amy.  Here I was: freshly dumped.  Racing towards middle age without the husband, kids, house, career, or even a decent car....more

Little Mermaid Sing Along; Quality Fun. Questionable Film.

      Last week I grabbed a girlfriend, guzzled down some adult beverages, and headed to the Castro Theater for The Little Mermaid sing along.  Greeted ceremoniously at the door by a plump woman in a red wig, squeezed into a sequined tube skirt, I was ready for the silliness to ensue.  She gifted me with a bag full of treasures befitting a trip under the sea and soon, crowned and swathed...more
@racheltripp Hey Rachel, Thanks for sharing your ah-ha moment!  regretfully I didn't see this ...more

Virtual Chemistry

    It's kind of amazing how disinterested I'd become in sex.  During the last year of increasingly inactive relationship, and it's devastating conclusion, I'd almost completely lost the urge.  After we broke up, however, sex was practically all I could t...more

The Uncloseting Of A Sizequeen

    Are most women size queens?  Recently I polled an informal group of lady friends to ask a very big question; when it comes to choosing a man, how much does penis size really matter?  The results may surprise you.  Not one of the women I spoke to admitted they'd dismiss a man for being too small, but several claimed there was definitely such a thing as not small enough.  Several pantomimed frightened faces after the big reveal was bigger than expected.  "Where do you think you're putting that?!" cried one distressed damsel faced with more than she ...more