Taking Stock

Fleur de Lis container that holds my kitchen utensils.It's the end of t...more

It's A Wrap!

......And just like in the twinkling of Santa's eye, Christmas has left the building for 2013.  The radio stations have stopped holiday music and resumed pop, rap, AC and country and the kids have gone back to sports practice.  All that prep and no lingering in the afterglow......sigh....more

In the Wee Hours of Christmas Eve

One of my food ornaments......In the wee hours of Christmas Eve, I have decided that I need to stay u...more

Taking it Lite on a Sunday Night

Just a little red and green to get you in the mood. ...more

Taming the Beast

One of My Favorite Things

You see this red Dutch Oven?  It is one of my favorite things in my kitchen.  Heck!  It's almost one of my favorite things in my house!  It makes cooking so delicious and easy....more

The Main Ingredients

When I look at the ingredients in a recipe, I dissect them into three parts....more


Cocoa.  Just that one word evokes all kinds of memories, feelings, flavors and experiences.  Unless, maybe, you are unfortunately allergic to it, everyone has tasted in some form.For me cocoa takes me back when I was around 9 years old and my niece was 6.  (We grew up in the same house together.)  My oldest sister would make us ...more

The Accidental Pork Chops

Pork can be controversial.  So many people can put you down if they find out you eat pork occasionally.  You'll casually mention you ate a pork product and think nothing about it and then they state self-righteously, "I don't eat pork!"  The only problem is that they eat and drink everything else!  (Just file that last statement under the catty column and let's move on.)So it is with full security of my eating habits that I tell you about the Accidental Pork Cho...more