Love Letters...

Some love letters for people who entered my life today:To the Asian who commented on my nails... Ironic. Wow. But, thank you very much. You just made my day that much brighter. And, yes, I think I will become a pro nail tech.To the woman wearing a face mask in Walgreens... Seriously? What the fuck do you think we all have, malaria?To the guy wearing a headband driving a jeep... Woops, you're a woman... sorry....more

Annoyances: Facebook posts on Football Sunday

What I posted on my Facebook (less than twenty minutes ago):I don't even have to watch the game with constant updates on everyone's Facebook status. Yup, that was from me. So far it has 9 "likes" and is growing. Cool, cause I care about "likes"... no, I just want you all to realize it's stupid and annoying and stop.Seriously? I get you need to write "Go Seahawks!" "Go Packers!" "Go {insert any football team here}" because if you don't, your team will automatically lose and it's all your fault.Get real....more

The Outside Life: Movies (Django)

Went and saw Django with the manfriend tonight. The D is silent - don't forget that. Or you will get your head shot off. Or your man junk (penis).Before I get into the movie and that whole shabang, I'd like to talk to you first about the previews....more

Advice diarrhea: Cheating

One of my really good friends (except, not so good now because she asked for advice - and I'm not a great advice giver) asked me if she thought it was okay to cheat. It went a little something like:...more