Another Thanksgiving in Bullet Points

Best turkey ever. Seriously. For several years now, I've been brining my turkey using THIS recipe from Alice Waters ....more

Spin Cycle: Thinking About Bette Davis

I've been thinking about Bette Davis lately. More specifically, I've been thinking about this quote... ...more

RTT: Endorphins, Rock Stars and Barilla

How's everybody doing out there? It is GORGEOUS here in the City of Angels - clear, cool, autumnal - puts me in my happy place. I'm all upbeat and bursting with energy ....more

Sweetest M-I-L Evah

I'm afraid that when last I spoke of my beloved mother-in-law Mommy I was worrying/whining about her decidedly non-Mommylike behavior over the summer. She was not at her best. So in order to return Mommy to her place in all of your minds as the Sweetest Mother-in-Law Evah, I would like to share a voicemail she left for me the other day ....more


Oh man, it has just been one of those weeks. Nothing really bad has happened. No big tragedies or unconquerable crises ....more

Spin Cycle: Conquering the Spread

The middle-aged spread to be specific. I just keep spreading. And spreading ....more

Spin Cycle: The Greater Good

I used to always hate it that my Mama was such a damned martyr. "No, no, I'll just eat the heel of the loaf of bread. That's good enough for me." "No, no, I don't need a new winter coat ....more

RTT: Wig, Olivia, and Mountain Man

Yes it's true! A Random Tuesday Thoughts! ...more

Spin Cycle: Secret

A few weeks ago, when Ginny Marie and I were scrambling for Spin Cycle mean brainstorming our collective inspiration for all of you...I wrote out a list of Spin Cycle ideas and sent them to Ginny. Since then, we've been using the ideas on the list. I say this not to take credit for the ideas, but to take the blame ....more

This Week on the Spin Cycle: 9/8 - 9/14

This Week on the Spin Cycle... Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...too loud...whisper... this week on the spin cycle.. ....more