A Freelancer’s Winter Walk

So, I’m actually doing it… I’ve got the trainers, I’ve got the treadmill and I’m attempting to get (a bit) fit. Don’t be fooled, I’m not aiming to go overboard here. Just a light bit of fast walking on the treadmill every morning, simply to get me off my backside. There are only so many months that you can get out of bed, plonk yourself in front of the computer and work for the whole day, without gaining a bit of extra padding on your rear end!...more

Gin O’Clock

 One of the most popular searches that bring people to my blog is Gin. I bloody LOVE the stuff! As it’s the weekend, I thought I’d post a few more cocktail recipes that I intend to try out very soon. I’ve been staying in a lot lately whilst we save to go away to San Francisco, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a sneaky tipple or two.Let’s see how these all go down shall we.Cosmic Granny...more