Tiny (but determined) Talk Tuesday

I think Nate is already showing promise as a lawyer.Nate (4 yrs): Mom, do you want me to get in an accident and the police to come when I drive ...more

Throwback Thursday

Lydia has begun the process of outgrowing her short hair. When growing out hair it always has to go through some "shaggy" stages:) Last weekend as Lydia was busy carving her pumpkin, she asked for her hair to be "put up". I was excited and played around with her hair a bit:) Obviously, I was working quickly (before she changed her mind) and without a good comb and brush (yay for Saturdays!).. ....more

Wordless Wednesday: Annual Pumpkin Carving

Our annual tradition:) All drama:) Anything to get a laugh from his siblings! And this year was soo awesome with the kids doing ALL the work... and I did the clean up that was pretty simple since we worked outside!! ...more

More Tiny Talk

Nate was looking at our world map in the school room and said,"See that really big orange spot on the map?"Me: "Yes, Russia."Nate responded,"No, it's Mississippi because it is so big!"****************************************Lydia: "I'm on chapter 9 of Mr. Popper's Penguins. You know it's kind of a "how-to" book."Me: "Really, a "how-to"?"Lydia: "Yes, how to keep penguins in your house."****************************************An afternoon TV show for Nate is sometimes a necessary evil so we can finish that last bit of home schooling ....more

Throwback Thursday

I'm kind of in the "throwback" kind of mood lately :)I just get soo wrapped up in TODAY that sometimes I miss out on "right now". Like today while trying to "school" the kids, they were just soo stinkn' giggly. The giggles that start because "nothing was funny but everything was funny" ....more

It's That Time Again

Oh, no.....not, again.Is it really???Yep!Time to get ready....colorful jersey?just as colorful socks? (really??)shorts?shin guards?cleats?Did anyone think of water?We've practiced and scrimmaged each other. We are all dressed up! ...more

Tiny Talk Tuesday in the School Room

A question asked in the schoolroom, "Who is Sargon the Great?"And answered by one smarty pants 10 yr old, "I know who that is! Its Willie Roberson's great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather."**************************************************The question asked by the teacher-Momma, "What do we call it when a ruler uses an army to make people obey the laws?"Chris confidently shouted out, "Dictation!!" **************************************************And this didn't take place in the schoolroom, but the items destroyed were created in there by one tired momma the night before the class:/The afternoon after the destroying event....In a forget moment of cuteness, I may have said to my dog, "Jack, you're such a good dog!"Lydia snuggling Jack responded, "Jack is always good."Me: "Yeah, like when he ripped up my children's church craft this morning [as we were getting ready for church, where the previously mentioned craft was going to be crafted]."Sweet Lydia's gentle answer,"Well, everyone makes mistakes!"Yep! We all do!What are you all "talking" about today? ...more

My Students...

We LOVE starting our school year with our "Back-to-school" pictures! Eagerly the kids decorated their "grade" signs days before we actually started learning;) It's kind of a tradition now for the kids to paint/color them whatever they want:) And it's a physical sign that school is about to start.This year we did all the prep work but didn't actually get the pictures on that first morning,or the second,or the third, fourth, fifthor not even on the sixth!Nope... on a random day during the 3rd week, we finally got it together to get the kids dressed nicely and all the smiles on;)And honestly, I was disappointed that none of us really were ready for pictures during any of those days... ....more

Weekly Wrap-Up : The 1st Week

I honestly was a little worried about going from our relaxing and unscheduled summer days into a school day routine. We did start very slowly only adding a few subjects at first. In fact, there were a few subjects like Science and Logic that I had collected the materials for but didn't really plan to teach so we could really just ease in ....more

Tiny Talk Tuesday: Thought Provoking Questions from a 4-yr Old

Lately Nate has been full of some pretty deep questions... for a 4 yr old:)"We have 4 pets. Why do pets have to live at our house?"********************************************On the way to church one Sunday morning ....more