Christmas Videos that Will Make You Smile

So you stayed up all night wrapping presents after the kids went to bed. Now there is scotch tape and little bits of wrapping paper all over your room. Not to mention the living room floor - which is not only covered with the aforementioned paper but also small leathal lego peices. Curse you Ninjago. Your turkey is on fire. The Christmas spirit is waning a bit.I want to share these youtube videos because I cant help but like them - they make me smile even at my grinchyest.1. Little Drummer Boy by Pentatonix. ...more

My Facebook Feed is a Duck Dynasty War Zone and other Trials

The Duck Dynasty saga is all the rage - litterally.Facebook is a war zone for opinion pieces.Whenever a news story explodes into drama-queen-viral status my facebook feed becomes a minefield. All kinds of things have been setting it on fire recently - Paula Deen, Miley's bid for fame, and now the ever popular Duck Dynasty debate. ...more

Books Will Blow Your Mind

Books are awesome and you should read them. Not just any books difficult, challenging, earth-shattering books.   ...more
I had to give a star to myself because I am that not cool.more

A formula for Truth or Dare

 Remember Truth or Dare? The ultimate test of childhood courage, resiliance and the ability to drink a tuna and bannana smoothie. ...more

Blogging Frustrations? It is hard to seduce the internet.

And now: a rant about the internet brought to you by the internet.The internet is an exhausting place. Especially for a new blogger like me. I bet even you vetrans of awesome remeber what it was like to be starting out....more