Moving Day

I’ve lived in 22 homes or apartments(not counting the times squatting with friends for short stints when all of my belongings could fit inside my cheap compact car circa 1987), five states, two countries, with a handful of mortgages, and even a monthly rent payment of $53.85 when it was split four ways. ...more

Hands And Heart In Haiti #1000Speak

My daughter has been feeling “less than” lately. And what I mean by “less than” is that she is coming into an age of self-awareness where she sees what she can do versus what others can do. She sees how we as a society praise talents – talents above and beyond “typical” and how we watch those, applaud those, seek them out, and pay for them ....more

28 Days Of Play

Today I’m feeling like a parenting failure. Not just today, but it’s my overriding theme this winter. We are busy, there aren’t enough hours in the day, and frankly by 7pm all I want to do is sit in a chair under a big blanket and watch mindless TV as I can’t even keep my eyes open long enough to read a book or write something ....more

Parent And Teacher #BullsIDidIt with Genesis Archery

As parents, we are the first and most important teachers to our own children. We are responsible not only for their safety, health, and comfort – but also to make sure they learn to put their own dang things away and say “thank you” and “please” and to not eat off the floor at Target. ...more

The Sisterhood Of Motherhood #SisterhoodUnite

Disclosure: “I’m a Sisterhood of Motherhood Blog Partner, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure.” My memories of those first weeks of motherhood are mostly blurry, with fuzzy edges, and time that blurred from day to night. Time ticked by with feedings, diaper changes, quick showers, and truthfully a lot of daytime TV ....more

5 Lessons My Tween Has Taught Me About Social Media

“Mom, don’t take that picture!” she yells as she covers her head with her blanket. The morning is cool, dark and quiet, and her stern tone changes this serene moment immediately. But it was too late for her, as I had already snapped a picture of the scene ....more

Blurred Lines

I can no longer work on my laptop without wearing my readers. My cheaters. My stupid glasses that allow me to see things close-up ....more

Learning To Ski

I have snapshots of memories the winter I learned to ski. Like many memories from early childhood I only remember pieces from the stories of that time. Those pieces and pictures come together to form what I think happened, while I’m quite sure there is some important information missing or an error in the sequence of events ....more

Will I Do Yoga Again

I’m a self-proclaimed yoga hater. Okay, maybe hater is a bit harsh, so let’s just say that yoga is no longer my jam. I mean I don’t hate you for doing and loving yoga, as many of my dearest friends are instructors and extraordinary women who live and die by the yoga sword ....more

New Year New House

I haven’t really opened my laptop for 10 days. The kids are on holiday break and I intend to soak up every moment with family and friend time until they go back to school next week. It’s been nice not to have schedules or carpools or many obligations of any type ....more