“Mommy, you always miss my birthday.” I do. ...more

50 Reasons Why I Am Not Blogging

1. I am not blogging because Summer. 2. I am not blogging because my cat sits on my keyboard. 3 ....more

Grandma’s Marathon – Recap

It’s been 11 days so you would think my legs and brain would be rested enough to finally write a Grandma’s Marathon Recap, right? But no, it’s still hard to put words around the race(also, why are my legs still sore?). I think that’s the hardest part about being a Mother Runner – the race is just this three to four hour period of time where you don’t need to serve anyone a snack ....more

Top 5 Running Moments

On of my favorite fitness bloggers – heck, one of my favorite people of all time – Christine, wrote a post detailing her Top 5 Running Moments. Her post made me smile as it made me look back at my 22+ years of running and some of my favorite moments....more

What The Young Can Teach The Old About Social Media

I have spent the past week with tons of tweens and also with my parents and in-laws. It was dance recital time and our lives were filled with sequins and feathers and smiles and a few tears. But also with technology ....more

School’s Out For Summer!

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So How’s That Marathon Training Going?

Funny that I haven’t written about running since I wrote about qualifying for Boston. That was last October. Forever ago in raising kid years ....more

Just Be You

I’ve been spending a lot of time being mad at five year olds lately. I never even knew that one could get angry with a five year old. But this school year has proved challenging for me ....more

Parenting Right Now

I want to freeze time. But they say it just keeps getting better. ...more

Brain Chase Summer Learning Adventure Giveaway! #BrainChase

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