Fighting Cold Sores With Abreva Instead Of Old Wives’ Tales

Our new school schedule is killing me, y’all. I thought I was prepared. But that 5:30am alarm, the darker skies in the morning, and the agony of dragging 3 shell-shocked kids out of bed has been a rough re-entry into the school schedule ....more

What I Read: November 2016

November was a hard reading month for me. I had almost no free time at all and I barely got to read anything. I’m very cranky about this and I’m going to find time to read in December if it kills me ....more

10 Prehistoric Truths From My Childhood

My kids do not understand how good they have it in life. Honestly. Three of them spent an hour fighting over one iPad today ....more

What We Did: Thanksgiving Edition

What a busy, fun filled week with family! The week started off with a mad rush to clean up the house because it was a disaster. Busy life = messy house ....more

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you are currently stuffing your face with delicious foods and drinking all the wine while enjoying football. That’s what I’m doing. I’m also planning a food coma later, so yay me! ...more

He Said, She Said: The ABC Store

Setting the Scene: Thanksgiving is this week. I don’t know how it happened. My house is a disaster, like a hazmat disaster, I still need to go to the grocery store, and we have a house full of guests showing up soon ....more

5 Signs You’re Parenting A Teen Boy

Parenting a teen boy is an experience. A very smelly, expensive experience with some distinct characteristics....more

What We Did: Weekend Edition {11.21.16}

We had a great weekend. Extremely busy but it was really fun too. We’re just in a season of life where we don’t get a minute to breathe sometimes but it’s a good life ....more

Easy 15-Minute Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Tyler turned 16 last week and his birthday request was an ice cream cake. But he doesn’t like any of the pre-made ones from Dairy Queen and the like. He doesn’t like the cookie crumbly layer ....more

5 Signs I’m A Mom Stereotype

Some of the other PTA moms and I were laughing about mom stereotypes the other day during the big holiday festival planning meeting. We were all throwing out some of the most common mom stereotypes that we hear. It was all fun and games until it became clear that most of us fit at least a few of those stereotypes ....more