5 New Books I Can’t Wait To Read

As you can see, I’m taking a little break from my normal Friday What I Wear post series. Honestly I’ve just not been feeling it lately and I’ve been wearing cargo pants and t-shirts while everyone in the house has been sick. I’ll get back to it soon but in the meantime I wanted to share some new books that I’m really excited to read ....more

2015 Monthly Goals: May

I did okay with my April Goals. I pinned and saved a few new recipes for pasta salads, grilling recipes, and marinades. I cannot wait to get started on my summer meal plan ....more

Easy Crockpot Mexican Chicken Soft Tacos

We love Mexican food. It’s about the only thing, other than pasta, that the whole family agrees on for dinnertime. So I have a collection of different Mexican recipes and a family favorite happens to be the chicken soft tacos ....more

Closet Confessions: April 2015 Budget Report

I made it a part of my 2015 goals to stick to a budget for my wardrobe this year. As part of that, I’m doing monthly budget reports to hold myself accountable for what I buy. I’m trying to build a wardrobe that is functional, fun, and totally wearable ....more

Easy Weekly Menu Plan #29

I’m stuck in limbo right now between wanting to cut out all of the eating out to save money and eat healthier and the obvious convenience of grabbing take out on a busy night. I’m having some uncomfortable tummy issues lately and I think the take out is the problem. As a compromise we are going to start getting pizza once a week ....more

Delicious Crockpot Red Beans, Sausage & Rice

Matt has been begging me to find a new recipe for red beans and rice. His mom made a delicious version with ground beef when he was a kid but none of our kids will eat it so I never make it. After experimenting a few times I finally hit on a recipe that we all enjoy ....more

Turning A Formal Dining Room Into A Kid’s TV Space

Our house is bursting at the seams with kids at this point. And since moving to a larger house is not in our immediate future I have to find ways to make the best of the spaces we do have. This means not letting spaces be wasted- in our house the biggest waste of space is the formal dining room ....more

The Inspirational & Uplifting Little Boy Movie For a Family Outing

As hard as it is for me to believe it, I am now the mom of one teenager and 2 tweens. I know, it’s shocking. Weren’t they just little kids who loved to cuddle and spend time with their mom? ...more

Easy Weekly Menu Plan #28

The past week was horrible in this house- we got hit the mother of all stomach viruses and it took a toll. We are all tired of the bland diet we’ve been on for the last 8 days and ready for some family favorite comfort foods!...more