Nashville: Butch It Up

That's what Will is supposed to do to protect his image now that a website is speculating that he's gay. Will wants to sue for slander. It is legally slanderous to speculate that someone's gay? ...more

Visit to a Couple of Old Frenemies

Long time no see, Serial Drama readers! And daytime soaps, for that matter. I haven't watched one since the end of 2013, so I figured it was time to pay a visit since I took a staycation day today (y'all, I slept till 8:10am and it was glorious) ....more

Babies R US (In Every Sense Of The Word)

Guys, I have questions. And many of them could probably be answered with either "Maybe you should have watched General Hospital at all last week instead of letting episodes pile up into a mountain of soap opera badness that gave you legitimate anxiety every time you glanced at your DVR" or "because the writers just...don't. Or won't ....more

"Eight" It Grand? Happy Birthday To Us!

Recently, someone asked me how long I'd been soap blogging for and it took me quite some time (much of that time was spent working through denial over aging and the passage of time) to realize that it wasn't the "like, four or five?" years I originally offered as an answer, but eight. Eight years--as in, eight years today. Our little blog is all grown up! ...more

These Are My Confessions

I know how this is going to sound--it's going to sound CRAZY or like I've been hacked or I've come down with a brain injury after the unfortunate (and unfortunately not hypothetical) moment that I hit my head on my desk when I bent down to turn my heater on (can I distract you from my clumsiness by offering a classic "Workplaces be cold, am I right?")'s true. I am kind of loving Franco proposing to Carly and devoting himself to playing cruel mind games. I KNOW ....more

Watch This Space

Friends (...Romans, countrymen) (every time I think I am NOT enormously nerdy, I do something like that to prove my own self wrong. It's the worst kind of know-it-allism) (my know-it-allism also extends to me having to physically bite my tongue so I don't correct strangers who I hear saying blatantly incorrect things. I am awful), I apologize once again profusely and sincerely for my General Hospital blogging hiatus ....more

Back (Exhaustedly) From Outer Space

I have been, without a doubt, the world's lamest General Hospital blogger. Even lamer than the lamest of blogs, because at least those people are writing, albeit lamely, and I am sitting with my laptop out every single evening and the only thing I have to say about a complete hour of television is "[Silence] [Eyeroll] [Heavy sigh] [Does mental inventory of the kitchen cupboard to try and remember if there is Nutella in there] [Sigh] [Deletes episode] [Forgets what happened in the prior hour] [Shudders knowing that even without a memory, Sonny was probably there, grossing things up]" and not managing to write down a single thought. I've forsaken all of you for emotional eating, you guys ....more

Precisely What No One Needed

If you were to look at General Hospital in a charitable light (I know, it's weird to me that I typed that, too. I approach very few things charitably--my default state is usually a blend of judgment and skepticism, which probably doesn't make me a very happy person but DOES mean that I have an A++ eyebrow raise. I don't exactly know what came over me), you could technically say that they are giving the people what they want ....more

Please Don't Be Foreshadowing

There was a LOT that I was planning to say about today's General Hospital--all right, that is a lie. Possibly the biggest lie I've ever told. I have things to say about today's General Hospital, but certainly not a lot of them, especially since they all boil down to "ugh" ....more

The Fosters: The Longest Day

We were so close to the end of the episode and I honestly was sitting there thinking, "Oh, I can't really write a post this week. Nobody had sex with anyone appropriate or inappropriate, there was some good drama that I really can't make fun of, I actually felt compassion for Brandon for literally one entire episode, they acknowledged that statutory rape is a thing which normally ABC Family has some disconcerting trouble with to say the least, and they didn't spend any time trying to get us on board with Callie and her brother's true-love-forever destinies, so I really have nothing to get grumpy about. So what is my job here?" And then I looked at Twitter ....more