6 Things About Teamnatural You May Not Have Known

  Nobody KNOWS everything. It's just not possible and if you are not included in a particular group then more than not you truly don't know much about it. So, this post is really for the non-members of #teamnatural but I'm more than sure some naturals may not know some of these either so stick around and see what you DON'T KNOW.  ...more
Thanks for posting this article.  I noticed that you don't include women who wear extensions ...more

BC or Long-Term Transitioning - Which Route to Take?

Going Natural is a wonderful journey to take.  It's a personal one too that each woman must determine how she will go about doing it.  I get tired of many saying the journey is hard, long and full of pitfalls but honestly, isn't life?  I'm just feeling we need to be truthful about going Natural and taking care of our hair whether relaxed or Natural....more
Hello, I'm a new follower. Great post! I must say that I am a fan of the BC. But, I keep my ...more

Makeup Colors and Styles for 2014

*Canva.comGlimmer, glam and gleam seems to be the words to describe the styles of 2014 when it comes to makeup.  There are a lot of bold colors and even some not so common with the Spring colors up ahead.  Many colors and styles made waves in New York during Fashion Week for 2014 as well as the Golden Globes.  Yes, some may be a little over the top for you but I PROMISE you will find something you can work with....more

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair During Winter?

 *Canva.comCleansing our natural hair is one of the most important regimens we do for our tresses. For obvious reasons we need to cleanse our hair to remove pollutants, dirt, product build-up and in some instances smoke and odors.  It’s a part of good hygiene but ask any natural and she will tell you it’s the best way to maintain healthy, happy hair. Most of us need structure in our lives so we have a routine or a schedule we follow on how often to wash our hair but do we need that schedule in the colder months?...more

Winter Beauty Care - Hands, Elbows & Feet

   Baby, it's cold outside!  It's cold outside and warm inside but both conditions are making our skin dry.  What's a girlie to do to try and stay soft and supple? Well, you can buy the hundred if not thousands of brands out there that claim to give you softer more supple skin but best believe, you are going to pay for it! No, I don't mean just a little...I mean A LOT. One example is body scrub. Honestly...since many body scrubs can be DIY, I find some of the prices ridiculous.  Well, that's just me, but you get my point....more

Making winter hats Natural hair friendly

 Hey Naturals!  This is a real quick post about the ugly weather many of us are facing....more

Has it happened to you? Natural hair women deceived into getting texturizers

I'm sure just about every Natural has had 'the dream'.  The dream (well, really a nightmare) is about a natural going on about her life and for some unknow reason she gets her hair relaxed.  You may become aware while still in the dream and freak out or your awareness may only occur once you wake up.  It seems so real, so vivid that when you do finally wake up you are sweating and in panic mode at the thought.  You reach out to touch your hair and slowly close your eyes as the realization that it was all a dream.  You cannot WAIT to tell someone, anyone that you had the dream and so grateful it wasn't real.  Well, what I'm about to discuss is no dream and it should be against the law....more

Natural hair headaches!!

 Aw, come on!  We know they exist.  Hair is hair and whether it's Natural or Relaxed, you are gonna have some issues that arise from time to time.  Being Natural doesn't mean you wake up in the morning with it done for you.  It still takes work and has to be done correctly.  I've listed a few issues or 'headaches' that will or can arise when dealing with Natural Hair.  The first four are for newly naturals....more

Stunning looks and sleek natural hair at the 2014 Golden Globes

 Mailonline.com We are seeing more Natural hair gracing the red carpet within recent years and it was no exception at the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards yesterday in Beverly Hills.  There was one clear winner of the best dressed last night and all eyes were on her!  Lupita Nyong'o stole the red carpet wearing a dramatic but simple Ralph Lauren bright red column dress.  The only thing to upstage her gorgeous dress was her hair.  ...more