Getting a Tattoo

SO I DID IT.  I got a tattoo, went for the rebellion.  and it was fun. ...more

New Zodiac Signs

Everything you know about your star sign could be wrong.  In an article published by the Time magazine, a new sign has been added and the other signs have been pushed back about a month. Here's what I find strange, I spent my whole life just thinking star signs were false because Sagittarius was SO unlike my personality.  Now I find out that I'm a Scorpio and read the Scorpio stats and they are EXACTLY like me, and I never even knew this was my actual star sign.  I don't know if it's convinced me to believe my horoscope but it definitely made me think....more

snow, snow, and MORE snow

So I took these pictures after the LAST snow storm on January 8th and now we've had another one! When I can find a path out of my house i'd love to take some more but until then I guess I'm stuck with these.  I love the snow but I'm not fond of being STUCK in my house.  I guess it's a good thing I bought that Cosmo magazine at the supermarket and stocked up on food.  I might be here for a while. ...more

Achievements: It's About the Small Things

Here's something I have come to realize in life.  It is all about the small things....more

The Shallow Men

I work at 5:30 in the morning sometimes.  My main job at the moment is being a lifeguard at the local YMCA.  During the summer I work every morning at 5:30 but during the winter it's just too hard to get up.   I can't take to the cold. ...more

My First Day as a Blogger

why can't i get this to work? i posted a whole paragraph here and when i looked at it nothing was here?  why is this?  i am a writer trying to start a blog on everything about love, sex, relationships, and everything in between!let's hope this works!xoxo...more