Fantasy #1

***Warning this content is not intended for people under the age of 18***I am in the kitchen cooking dinner. I have been cooking all day. It is about time for my husband to be home. I can't wait. It always makes me happy when he comes home. I hear the front door swing open, and see my husband walk through the door. He yells , "Honey I'm home!" I say back to him, "Hi honey, I'm in the kitchen." He come into the kitchen. You can tell he is happy to be home. ...more

Real Life #1 Part 2

***Warning this content is not be suitable for people under the age 18***Note: I ran out of time on my last blog post; my apologies. I recomend you read the first part first. Here is the rest of the story.... I hopped down off the counter and grabed Kay's hand and walked towards my husband. I grabed his package as I walked by. He knew what that meant. It meant follow us, and follow us he did. We went straight to our bedroom. ...more

Real Life #1

**Warning this content is not be suitable for people under the age 18. **It's about 10 pm on a Sunday night and there is a knock on the door."Who is it?' My husband asked.I look out the peephole. It is the girl I had been texting, sexting, and secretly wanting for over a week now....more