Single Because? "I am not willing to compromise who I am for another person"

Although I am a firm believer that everyone needs someone, the primary reason I am single at this time in my life is I refuse to settle for less than I deserve. I was in a 22 year marriage in which I gave my life to my husband, my children and my job. I never put myself first, I made countless sacrifices, and I am good with those decisions at that time. I was raised to believe that it was my responsibility and role to be a certain type of woman. But when you are that involved and committed there is no way you can invest in yourself while you are doing all of that....more

Puberty and Boys

As a single mom of a pre-teen, I have a ridiculous amount of anxiety about puberty and how to explain it to him.  I have no clue where to start, what to say and the first time that he wakes up with "morning wood," I think I may just pass the hell out.  No lie!Being the resourceful woman who I am, I had to start researching what to expect, what to say and how to handle the entire situation.  Here are a few of my findings....more

4 Ways That Bishop Noel Jones Has Proven Why He Won't Marry Loretta - Preacher's of LA

The relationship drama on 'Preacher's of LA' is just about as typical as any daytime soap opera but with a bit of self-righteousness and a whole lot of judging added to it. The relationship between Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta is one that seems to be the center of conversation on the show and for good reason....more

Teaching My Son About Racisim

I always wanted a son.  As long as I can remember, when dreaming of being a mother, I always pictured myself with one child…a boy.  In that dream, I never thought about what it would be like raising an African American boy in this society. In lieu of the racist statements recently made by LA Clippers coach, Donald Sterling and the murder of Travon Martin, it is a shame that I have to have a conversation with my 10 year old son, about racism, how to act around police officers and other people who wish him harm because of the color of his skin....more
Parthenia Queen It's a sad situation that we even have to have these types of conversations with ...more

What's It Like to Work With Tyler Perry? Zulay Henao And Wendi McLendon-Covey On 'The Single Moms Club'

You've seen her on ABC's The Goldbergs and Steve Harvey's Think Like a Man, and if you she made you laugh on screen, you can imagine what it was like interviewing, Wendi McClendon-Covey. ...more
Great interview Ty!more

Interview: Mistresses Speak Out

Through out history, the mistress has been the villain that everyone hated.  She has always been seen as the home wrecker with no morals or respect for marriage or relationships.  That seemed to have changed a bit when Kerry Washington hit the scene as Olivia Pope in the hit tv show, Scandal.  Week after week, fans took to social media to root on the mistress of the President of the United States and being the other woman didn't seem to be so least on tv....more

Extraordinary Women Balancing Career and Motherhood

Can you imagine yourself living a life that exceeds all of your dreams? Consider these scenarios: 1) Performing live on stage before thousands of people applauding you for an encore; 2) Walking away from your corporate job to start a business that became more successful than you ever thought possible; 3) Opening a successful business that receives major media attention. Now imagine achieving any one of these things while simultaneously raising a family....more

Review of Tyler Perry's 'The Single Moms Club'

Tyler Perry's The Single Moms Club is undoubtedly, a must see film for single moms specifically and mothers, in general....more

Meet The Children: When Is The Best Time To Introduce A New Love Interest?

So you have a new beau and things have been going pretty smoothly.  You have decided that he or she is a keeper and the two of you are pretty much in sync with one another.  It's been a couple of months and now you ready to take the next step-- introducing your new love interest to your child(ren).  Hold up!  Wait a minute, Cowgirl!  There are some things that you should consider before going to that rodeo and introducing your child(ren) to your new boo. ...more
Just wanted to add my experience. My daughters father and I divorced when she was just 6. ...more

6 New Rules to Dating When You’re A Single Mommy

I was never good at dating. I never understood the rules, wasn’t a fan of the whole ambiguous “we’re just talking phase,” and I definitely hated having to experience the awkwardness of all the “firsts.” I guess this might partially explain why I stayed in terrible relationships for so long. At either rate, I digress....more