The Comparison

Out of the blue on the ride home from the grocery store, Baby Boy asked me, "Where is God?"Not affiliated with any religion, I still believe that there is a powerful spirit that unites all beings."Well, God is everywhere and in everything," I said. "God is always looking out for us and making sure we are doing our best."He sat with that for a moment and concluded, "So God is actually like a toddler and Santa mixed together?"...more

Holy Fashion Designer, Batman!

Baby Boy has swim class today.While I was packing his stuff, he looked with distain at his (rather nifty) shark bathing suit and began to describe the suit he would much rather wear....more

The Magic Button

Baby Boy was getting awfully impatient as I folded two giant loads of his and Darling Husband's laundry."When can we go play outside??????""When I am done folding all of your clothes."Insert pause long enough for me to fold two pairs of I-want-to-be-just-like-daddy boxers, three have-seen-whiter-days white undershirts and match you-are-close-enough-to-black navy with black socks."Mama? What if there was a button you could press that would make someone else come and do this instead? Can you get someone like that?""Yes, sweetie. It is called 'you'."...more
Hey there, Sexy! Love the readjusted priorities once the little someone realizes he may be ...more

The Big Question

Baby Boy had his 4-year well-baby check up today. The nurse jumped right in with a plethora of judgmental questions that had me lying quite early in the morning. "Can he draw a person with more than three parts?" she asked. "He's a regular Picasso!" (If scribbles in one color count.) "Can he stack a tower with more than 12 blocks?" "I think he will be an architect!" (He usually smashes then down by number 7, but I am sure he could...) "Does he know fantasy from reality?"...more
No, he doesn't have to.  Let him be batman.  My son still likes to be spiderman.  I have gotten ...more

A Wish List for MOm

Our babysitter helped Baby Boy make a card for Mother's Day. It was titled, "The Reasons I Love Mom." Here is what he dictated:My MOM...lets me eat gum for dinner.lets me sleep at Chuck E. Cheese.lets me use the oven.lets me drive her car....more

The Fault in Our Stars, book review

                   I needed a vacation book. John Greene's latest, The Fault in Our Stars happened to arrive right as I was leaving....more

The Real Classroom

The Real Classroom  I met my brother and niece at the playground this morning....more

Backhanded Compliment Of the day


I've Got My Eye on You

I took Baby Boy out to his favorite diner for Vacation Chocolate Chip Pancakes this morning. As to be expected he ate two bites and was full. I told him when the waitress came over to, "Ask for a doggie bag. Make sure you say 'please' and look her in the eye." When she approached, BB started whipping his head wildly back and forth. "What are you doing??" I hissed. "I not sure what eye you want me to look in," he replied. ...more
haa haa!! more

So, THIS is What It's Come To...

I know I am in the minority here, but I HEART me some Valentine's Day. It helps that DH, historically, has been very good at it: jewelry, candy, flowers, lingerie...someone trained him well. This year, I said to skip the jewelry and candy. But I was very excited to see a shiny pink tell-tale box from Vicky's. DH is one of those men that loves lingerie. So imagine my surprise when I opened it up and saw a long-sleeved, knee-length (the most unflattering of lengths) red NIGHT SHIRT in a size LARGE with LOVE in gold letters across it....more