The "Real" Reality of Reality TV

I must admit that reality television has become my guilty pleasure. Somehow I seem to have fallen into the rabbit hole and worst of all, I like it....more

The Visit| Five Minute Friday Challenge

Several months ago I joined a group of bloggers who for the last four years have a writing flash mob every Friday. This is the brilliant idea of sister blogger Lisa-Jo Baker which she titled Five Minute Friday. Every Friday Lisa-Jo gives a word prompt and bloggers have five minutes to write “unedited, unscripted, real” blog post based on the prompt. So here it is for this week's word--VISIT...more

Why The Ravens Should Have Kept Ray Rice

I am a resident and native of Baltimore, MD. Baltimoreans love, love, love their football team–The Ravens. I live just a few stop signs away from the Ravens headquarters. And you best believe that my neighborhood bleeds purple and black....more

Five Minute Friday: Choose

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Being Mary Jane … Being the Mistress

Photo Cred: I refused to get caught up in another television series the ...more
WritergalinATLANTA   Hello, Thanks for your response. I so appreciate it--as I am sure that you ...more

Simplicity Sucks

Photo Cred: Organized Assistant.comIn the last week I realized that for quite sometime I have been ...more

7 Best Exercises to Lose Weight

Hey Girlfriend!Would it surprise you to know that you probably already take part in some of these exercises? The real secret is in knowing how to do those exercises for greatest benefit. You are not too heavy or too old to exercise. And believe it or not, it doesn't have to be difficult. You don't have to belong to a gym, have a personal trainer, or better body chemistry....more

Renew Your Resolutions

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Skin Deep

In the 80’s, when I was in high school, I had a boyfriend who was the love of my life. We went on to date in my first year of college. And of course as young lovers do, we would break up and make up. The last time that we broke up I thought that it would be like all of the other times. To my surprise, we didn’t get back together like we had in the past. We had not called each other in nearly a month. Then, on a weekend trip home from school, I learned why I had not heard from him. He was dating someone else....more

I'm Sexy and I Know It

There is so much information about what to expect when you are having a baby and when you plan a wedding, but 5 years ago I had a hard time finding the real deal information about what to expect when I turned 40. ...more