The difference a new year can make

I am determined to be happy. I am determined that this year will be MY year. 2012 was a year of some great highs and some pretty incredible lows. Good riddance to all that, I say.As such, I am happy to say that the new year is off to a very promising start.As I type I am hours away from the Press Launch for my latest publishing effort. Remember that "Shakespeare Cookbook" I starting collaborating on in 2008? It is ...more

Typing 'The End'

Received news recently that we're soon to have a new editor at Warwickshire Life magazine. Although I adore our current editor immensely, I understand that change is inevitable.Nothing, however, could have prepared me for the news that the new editor wants to cut my monthly column.So, I have just now today submitted my final column to Warwickshire Life.I've been (relatively) okay about it all. But now, after pressing SEND, I am heartbroken ....more

Love it or leave it

Tolerance is a funny thing.I've been inundated recently to offer some comment on the upcoming US Presidential election. I have resisted for much same reason that I shall not be voting this time around: I don't have to live with the result.  ...more

Olympic fever (and darling English boys abound!)

Well, of course, Mitt Romney and Barbara Walters were wrong!(What a most unlikely couple, very deserving though, after their recent anti-Brit comments!)The Olympics are going swimmingly (pun intended), and London has more than lived up to its reputation as a world class, capital city. (And, the Queen is wonderful. Full stop/Period.)The opening ceremony (directed by Oscar-winner Danny Boyle) was the stuff of legend.The real stars of the ceremony for me, after Her Majesty, The Queen, herself, of course, were HM ...more