3Bs and You Are Out!

I am sick of it! If this post describes your unprofessional dress code than you are FIRED!!Ladies, for the last and final time, please leave the 3Bs at home!What are the 3Bs you ask? Bellies, Boobs, Butt Cracks, I mean come on. It's just disgusting and distasteful and should never be seen at work!Look, if your wanna be recognized as a professional than look it!...more

Nail Tech State Board Exam: Are You Ready?

 Got sweaty palms, shaking hands, anxiety, bad dreams about your Nail Tech State Board Exam? You aren't the first and definitely not the last to feel this way. I myself, felt the same pressure of failing. Lets alleviate this induced pressure that we all allow to ball up inside us and put our nervous energy in check....more