How things have changed and how they have stayed the same

Some of the cultural issues that exist in our society are the issues of social welfare. Many people believe that people today shouldn't still be living off of welfare but the sad truth of that is that many are. The Social Welfare system that is in effect was created from the Elizabethan Poor Law that was enacted in 1601 and has become the backbone for the system that the United States has used for over 350 years, if not more.I think it's way past time that we gave this system a major overhaul!...more

Gender & Poverty and the World of Women in the Land of Men

When it comes to the differences between the genders there still remains a difference in men and women.  Women can and do the same jobs that men do. Women  do more both in and out of the home, both with and without children, for and by and with and without families, theirs and others, more and more often than men can and will do for themselves, for others and just because it needs to be done. We birth and we take care of the dead. We do the planting, the harvesting, we clean, and we care. We sow and we reap. ...more