I see you over there.....Making That List

I see you over there, you know who you are, making that list of things you simply must accomplish during "school time" tomorrow.  Remember, the Bible tells us in James 4:13-14 that we should not say  tomorrow we will do such and such, or go here or there because we do not know what tomorrow will hold.  I know, this is hard for us "planner by nature" homeschool moms!   I must share with you though, my own experience....more


 IF YOU TAKE A HOMESCHOOLING MOM ON VACATION :) If you take a homeschooler on vacation, then she's going to want to teach while she's there . And while she's teaching she will want to do a craft, so she is going to ask for some scissors. You'll remember you didn't bring any scissors on vacation, so you'll need to go to the store to get some. On your way you'll pass a museum so she's going to want to visit it. ...more