I Can Justify Anything!

I don't make resolutions, I make JUSTIFICATIONS....more

Who Needs an Elf When You Have Teenagers?

I was remarking the other day about how happy I was that I missed the whole Elf on the Shelf crap by a couple of years.I spoke too soon.Who needs an Elf when you have Teenagers?After a lovely wine induced sleep last night I slowly emerged from my cocoon and walked downstairs to start my morning ritual of picking up dog poop on my expensive wool dining room rug and fixing a cup of coffee.  As I entered the kitchen that I left relatively picked up last night, I was greeted by this scene:...more
I like your sense of humor. I don't have teenagers yet, but I remember DOING that. Sorry, Mom? ...more

A Letter To Me. In my 20's.

I am part of a great group of women bloggers called GenFab.  Generation Fabulous, darlings.  And our dear leader decided we would have our first blog hop.  Where every one in the group writes on the same topic.  And that topic is a letter to our 20 year old self.  This was one of the hardest assignments for me because I could truly write a book of advice to the 20-year-old me.  Not that she would read it......more

Why the Mayor of Newark Restored My Faith In Politicians

There are some good ones out there. You just have to look for them....more

Does this Ass make my Boots look Fat?

I broke down and bought my first pair of real cowboy boots this weekend. Mainly because they were really cute. Mainly because they were a mens size which, for my fat feet, works way better. Mainly because they were termed ‘vintage’, which you know, is a widely used term for just about any thing these days when you don’t want to say the word OLD....more

I Can Haz Shinee Objects - Life with ADD

I am really starting to worry about myself. So is 16. She told me the other day in all seriousness, "Mom, I need to tell you something, (uh oh, I'm thinking it's way to early for me to be a grandma..). Mom, you need to go see Alli (my PA) and get some ADD medication."...more

No, I Won't Helicopter Parent My Teen's Love Life!

They are almost 17 -- and I suggest we stay out of it. This is the comment I made to a friend and mom of my daughter's boyfriend when she called me this weekend under the guise of a real estate question that really morphed in to a "is my son going out with your daughter, again?" question....more
@playpossum I'm a 23 year old who has watched many a friend get pregnant to be able to stay with ...more

Where Were You - Hating the 'Quiet' After 9/11

Painting by Jane F Beebe @Copyright Jane Finn BeebeThat’s the question every is asking today. It’s been 11 years.We are still in a war in Afghanistan.We have troops all over the world.Airplane travel is not what it used to be....more

Big Pink Fuzzy Protesters-Not Sure this is the Way to get Your Point Across.....

Why I will NEVER dress up as a vagina for Halloween, or any other occasion. Photo@google...more

Toddlers & Teenagers.They are more alike than you think.......

Everyone loves lists–but they can be annoying. Sometimes they are there because of writer’s block. Sometimes they are there for fun. Mine is so you will have a great start to your weekend –LOLSo here are MY  TOP REASONS Toddlers and Teenagers are so alike:They are hard to get to sleep at night–AGAINToddlers have tantrums because they don’t get something they want. Teenagers have tantrums because they don’t want what they get…….....more