Taking My Body Back: Part 2 – Making Changes

I never considered myself to have an “unhealthy” relationship with food.  I guess because I always equated that to emotional eating (eating when depressed, or stressed), snacking profusely, binging and purging etc.  It wasn’t really until I started Body Back that I noticed that my habits WERE unhealthy, not because I did any of those things…it was quite the opposite.  When I was stressed, I DIDN’T eat and as a matter of fact, I did eat emotionally, I liked to eat and drink when I was happy or celebrating.  Things like bagels, chips, French fries, desserts were my down fa...more

Taking my Body Back: The Beginning, Part 1

All my life, I have always been in awe of the human body.  Its ability to heal from disease, the way it communicates to us that something is wrong, how much the mental and physical are connected.  Having grown up with parents in the medical field, I was even more in tune to things.  Stories ran rampant at the dinner table, and at a young age I knew what it meant to defibrillate a patient, or what type of drug to administer to someone who has Od’d on heroin.  I was also raised in a household where there was always an emphasis on nutrition – no sugar cereals, no sodas, not...more