This is why it's hard for single men to respect women...

Last night I had an interesting conversation with a young lady I was FRIENDS with. And after the conversation, I sat back, mad at myself for being the nice guy and doing my best to respect this young lady... because it's true, nice guys finish last. Please take a read of the conversation below;   Girl: We’re going to hang out and kick it the weekend after next Me: Hey, I’m holding you to that Girl: For sure....more

If my wife gained weight… I’d cheat or leave. Am I wrong?

I defiantly don’t want to seem like a jerk when I say this, but I’ve always believed and held strong to the idea that if I married a woman who had a certain physical build when I married her and it changed into something else over time, I’d be driven to cheat or leave. This would be my conclusion, for a couple of reasons. I understand love in a marriage is unconditional… that I understand. But happiness is a condition of love and being attracted to someone for the rest of your life is a big part of happiness....more
Physical attraction definitely plays a huge part when you meet someone for the first time.  But ...more

Emotional Cheating vs. Physical Cheating... Which is worse?

Ok, I’m not going to touch the question “who cheats more, men or women” right now, because I could argue for days that women are just as bad as men, if not more. So for the time being, I would like to figure this out; if cheating does occur which is worse… emotional cheating or physical cheating? For most people once you’re cheated on, it really doesn’t matter why it happened, how it happened, or how many times it happened; cheating is cheating and this is over. But should it be? Sometimes the situation and circumstance matters more than people think it does....more

Husband#2 - cheating on me physically with another woman for 2 months-busted, he's out/done. ...more

50/50 Relationships... Not so great...

It’s very odd to me how many people think relationships that are based on the 50/50 concept are the best and always seem to work out… the “Perfect Situation”. Well let me ask you this, how many 50/50 relationships do you know of? Better yet, how many of those 50/50 situations are actually GOOD relationships? Personally, I can’t think of any that are actually good. The few that I know of are full of endless back and forth back and forth… no one willing to concede the argument....more

What happened to the traditional woman?

For a long time now I've really wanted to blurt out this question because as more and more time passes... more and more relationships lose traditional ideals. To me, this is why the divorce rate today is at an all time high. Why don't women take care of their men like they used to? Where's the tradition? A reader of mine (male), sent me a very interesting email about his relationship. He asked me advice as to how he should go about instilling tradtional values into his relationship without putting his girl on the defense and creating a huge issue....more
Well, if she was a traditional woman, she wouldn't be living with him outside of marriage in the ...more

Will reason ever outweigh emotion??

I wonder why it’s so difficult for women to separate emotion from logic… even when it’s apparent the logics of the situation outweigh how you “feel” about things. That’s how men work, for the most part. We evaluate situations on what makes sense ala best case scenario for both of us and not what makes us “feel” the best. Because let’s be honest, feelings are an impulsive thing and not are they only that… they’re also something that only YOU can feel. So is the reasoning behind the inability to put reason above emotion the result of women being selfish creatures?...more

So you're saying as you got older you relied less on logical reasoning and chose emotional ...more

Women... Forgive and GET OVER IT!

Seriously? I’ve been on facebook recently like always, and I don’t know what’s in the water or if there’s a special kool-aid going around but I’ve seen quite a few posts from my female friends about relationships and how women shouldn’t be passive, how people get walked all over for forgiving too much, how the grass is greener on the other side and so on and so on... Well take a few steps with me. Step one. I’m deathly tired of hearing women bitch, complain, moan, feet stomp, and then change everything about themselves because one or two dudes did them wrong....more

I do think people should grieve in the after math of a bad break up and no one should get down ...more

What am I looking for??? YOUR POINT WOMAN!

As a man, it really bothers me to listen to my girlfriend or any girl for that matter go into a long, exaggerated explanation of a story or even create a situation that when it’s all said and done, I don’t see the purpose? For instance the cliché “I don’t want anything for my birthday” situation… so I don’t get her anything, then there’s a big problem because I SHOULD have known!...more