My Favorite Apple Recipe This Fall (French Apple Tart)

I started back at freelance work in the beginning of September. It’s a pretty sweet arrangement working at home, although now it looks a little different with the little person who needs one-on-on attention every 1.5 hours or so. While there are some days I email in projects and switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer and pull out something for us to warm up for lunch, seamlessly, like, la dee da, there are other days that I think, man, this is tough ....more

Tim’s Italian Meatballs with Red Sauce and Roasted Vegetables

When Tim and I met, we instantly shared this history of having moms who liked cooking because they had moms who liked cooking. We grew up in homes where our families got super jazzed about dinner and would build holidays around what to eat and where. I know there a lot of people like this, probably a lot of the people who read food blogs included, so hi, but I guess there are also a lot of people not like this ....more

Pumpkin Kamut with Pecorino and Hazelnuts

My brother visited last week, spoiling Rocco and us, and when he left Saturday afternoon, there were a few more snacks than usual in the cabinets, a giant pink box of doughnuts on the island and, also, on the counter, this pumpkin. Nashville mid-September, I’m still wearing shorts and sweating, but I see squash and pumpkins and I know it’s fall. Oh, fall ....more

Savory Spinach Cake from Honey & Jam (+ Cookbook Giveaway)

Rocco officially outgrew some of his newborn clothes last week, an event we marked with photos and exclamations and the reorganization of his top dresser drawer. I am ever comparing the Rocco Today with the Rocco [Insert Age Here], something that’s pretty easy to do when you have an ongoing chronology building in your phone’s photo album, but what can I say? I’m nostalgic ....more

Our 9 Newborn Essentials

Earlier this year, when we were registering for baby products and feeling very overwhelmed by the saturated market of bouncers, diapers, cribs, carriers and so on, I found so much help from online roundups of newborn essentials. Bloggers who’d shared what products worked for them gave me somewhere to start at least with wading through all the options. And now that we’re winding down on the fourth trimester, I figured I’d share a quick recap of our favorites, too ....more

Our First House — One Year Later.

A few days ago, I re-read the post from when we bought our first house last year, published exactly one year ago today, and cried remembering all the joy and innocence of that season. The girl writing that post didn’t know what was coming immediately after that house closing, i.e., solid weeks of manual labor while we spent every free moment tearing down walls, rebuilding the kitchen, buying appliances on Craigslist and strapping them to the back of rented trucks, refinishing floors, hauling huge loads of trash to the local dump, going to Home Depot, going to Home Depot, going to Home Depot. We wouldn’t have a working kitchen for more than a month, I would have regular emotional breakdowns, all our projects would wind up costing more than we had thought and, oh yeah, who could have predicted the great plumbing catastrophe that had us without working sewage for a short period of time? ...more

Indian-Spiced Carrot Crostata with Basil

Another milestone to remember from these hazy baby days: the first time I felt inspired, I mean truly inspired, not I’ll-roast-sweet-potatoes inspired, not I’ll-make-a-comfort-kale-salad inspired, but actually, genuinely inspired to create something new in the kitchen post-baby was Tuesday, September 1, nine weeks and three days after the little man entered our world. I wondered […] The post Indian-Spiced Carrot Crostata with Basil appeared first on Food Loves Writing ....more

My Favorite Kale Salad

Last night, Tim, Rocco and I returned home after a full week away, driving first to Ohio and then to Chicago to see family, celebrate my birthday and give Rocco his first experience with a real road trip. Our boy was born into a family that has to travel to see its family, so we figured he may as well start learning what that’s like now, in the early days, when he’s all of just two months old. The way there was broken up by a night in Ohio, at Tim’s sister’s house, where we ate perfectly grilled chicken and decadent chocolate mousse cake alongside Italian-style green beans and quinoa salad ....more

one month in

Yesterday at the doctor’s office, Rocco weighed a little over nine pounds. Nine pounds! Nine pounds might not seem like a lot, especially to my friend Jenna, whose baby came out two weeks after Rocco already weighing more than he does now, but, for a little guy who left the hospital one month ago today (!) only weighing 5 pounds, 13 ounces, nine pounds sounds pretty incredible ....more

HE’S HERE \\ Meet Rocco Timothy

One week ago today I was already days into labor, breathing through contractions at our house, believing any minute our baby would arrive. In fact, Rocco Timothy came into the world hours after that, Saturday, June 27, at 7:35 p.m., a little nugget not quite six-and-a-half pounds, with a full head of hair, adorable lips and the longest newborn fingers and toes. Everyone says he looks like Tim, which is a compliment to both of them if you’re asking me, and, from the moment we met him, he has stolen our hearts away with his tiny features, accidental smiles and kissable baby cheeks ....more