Life Out of Death or, Vitamix Tomatillo Salsa

(quick note! the Vitamix giveaway is still running, now through September 21.) In a talk Tim Keller gave at Oxford University last year, he mentioned in passing an interesting observation about food: most of what we eat has had to die to give us life. In other words, to provide us with the nourishment we […] The post Life Out of Death or, Vitamix Tomatillo Salsa appeared first on food loves writing ....more

Why Buy Vitamix Giveaway / Strawberry Orange Mint Juice

Today, we’re bringing you a post that’s kind of different. We’re giving away a Vitamix 6300 Pre-Programmed Variable Speed 13-in-1 Blender with 64 oz. Jar from QVC ....more


maybe I’ll be a food writer – eight years in

Let’s start with the surface milestones. In 2008, in August, I was a year out of grad school, working as a writing manager, obsessing about what to eat each day for work lunch. I thought maybe I wanted to learn more about being a food writer ....more

salad with granola: a new thing to try

Maybe, let’s say, your usual routine is lettuce with tomatoes and cucumbers. Maybe you’re comfortable with that routine. Maybe that routine happens every week ....more

blueberry first birthday cake from a week of rest in Asheville

At the end of June, away in the mountains, I sat on a stone patio bordering a valley. Ahead of me was a full panorama of forest, towering green filling the landscape from one side of my vision to the other. Birds cawed out from treetops high above me ....more

the budino al cioccolato from a new kind of grocery shopping

This post has been sponsored by Kroger. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. It was a year ago at around this time that I ventured to a store for the first time post childbirth, Tim driving, Rocco in his carseat ....more

an essay on parenthood, one year in

In her half of the talk, “Creativity as a Spiritual Discipline” (available here), Jennifer Trafton says creating is an act of hope, a practice in looking at the raw material in front of you, be it your life or an empty plate, and envisioning something new. When you go to the kitchen and gather together […] The post an essay on parenthood, one year in appeared first on food loves writing ....more

the poetry of chicken fajitas eaten at your work desk

It’s Friday afternoon. I’m sitting at my work desk, one half of a full-wall desk Tim built for me a few months after Rocco was born. My chair is next to a window to the backyard, a lush monochrome of greens, and from it, as I finish my plate of chicken fajitas, I hear the quiet hum of a plane whooshing by overhead ....more

Florence, Alabama: Nashville Road Trip

I hope I’ll never forget the moment when, working on the back porch with Tim, our computers in our laps, I heard his phone buzz and, without thinking, reached for it, glanced at the screen and read his text out loud. “‘Matthew’ says you’re confirmed for a night in Florence, Alabama?” Even as I read it, I assumed it was a scam or spammer, so when I looked up and over at Tim in the other chair, expecting him to be as confused as I was, maybe even to take the phone from my hand to investigate, it was quite the surprise to hear instead his calm “yep” in response. He’d gone and booked us a quick little Nashville road trip, inspired both by a location we’d seen years earlier in this movie and by a certain tiny white house with a charming front porch ....more