Does Yoga Mean “The End of Stress?"

I used to feel like I lived in two different misperceptions. My yoga students would question if I ever felt stressed – assuming that I was Zen in all aspects of my life! Others, who had never attended my classes, wondered how I could possibly be calm enough to teach yoga?! Why on earth do you feel stressed? You teach yoga! Yoga is not a “cure” from the stress of life or our never-ending to-do list. It is a series of techniques that helps with that stress. Yoga is a management-style. ...more

Does Being “Good at Balance” Mean Being “Perfect?”

I can’t even count how many times I hear people use the words “suck” or “terrible” when describing their ability to balance. I hear it from those who use it as a reason why they “can’t take a yoga class,” as a warning from brand new students before they ever attend a class as well as from more experienced students before and after they “do” a so-called balance pose....more

Are You Breathing? Ask Your Feet!

Logically, I know we humans inhale via our nose or mouth but I swear - experientially… breath and energy enter the body from the ground up. While in a yoga pose (or simply standing), with each breath - explore, turn inward and ask: how is the quality of your energy flowing? Assessing from the ground up is the easiest, most available reference. Gravity being helpful, some part of our body is always touching the ground! :-)

Keep Three Fires Burning

I recently heard @markhlevin speak about keeping the fires burning - from Leviticus 6:6: a perpetual fire shall be kept burning on the altar, not to go out. Rabbi Levin spoke about it symbolically regarding the “fire” in a marriage. The fire must always be kept burning and the other two are the “just in case” fires. ...more

Yoga: Stabilize on Inhales, Flexibilize on Exhales

Yes, I just totally made up a word that I have no real plans of using!  However, within any yoga pose, there is a continuous cycle of grounding (stability) and exploring depth (flexibility). With each inhale, check in and make sure that you feel grounded, stable and aware from your feet all the way up your body. You want to feel that your breath can move through your body unhindered....more

Tight Muscles Can Equal Blessings! Got Flexibility? Add Stability!

For someone with tight muscles, participating in a yoga class surrounded by more flexible students can feel obnoxious and/or ridiculous. I always tell my “tight” students that there are blessings to tightness. Those tight muscles give oodles of feedback. “Tight” individuals feel things and are quite stable in positions – they might even call themselves immovable!  But, they are not immovable, they just aren’t loosey-goosey. Tighter students will make progress....more