Where to Read About What

I've come to the conclusion that I need to stop making grand, sweeping announcements as to what this place, this spot of the internet, actually is. Is it a party blog? Not really ....more

Bottle Pop Party Picks: Camp Bach!

I wanted to intro a new little series we're going to be doing called Bottle Pop Party Picks. ...more

Let's Read Books!

source unknown I have been a reading fool lately! And by lately, I mean all my life. Ha ....more

Under the Chuppah: A Bridal Show Table

My friend Sue at Fresh Designs Florist is pretty much a rockstar. She's been in the wedding business for a long time, she's blunt yet hilarious and is one of those people that makes things happen. Like you're sitting there talking about an idea and all of a sudden she's on the phone making plans, introducing you to this person and that person ....more

Otherwise Engaged ( Party! )

1 2 3...more

A Classic Baby Shower at Lacroix

With gorgeous views of Rittenhouse Square, the private dining room at Lacroix at the Rittenhouse Hotel proved to be a *choice* location for a classic baby shower. Luckily the parents-to-be are waiting to find out whether the baby is a boy or girl because the room was perfectly decorated in gender neutral shades of green and lot of natural textures....more

Girls' Day + Champagne Bar = Perfection

When the time came for my lady friends and I to get together for our annual after-the-holidays soiree, we decided to go ahead and make it another Favorite Things party! We sorta loved doing it last year so really, it was a no-brainer. And when it came time to decorate, I wanted a chance to use some of my favorite trends: confetti, champagne bars & metallics ....more

Client Experience: A Little Welcome

If you follow me in Instagram, you'd know that I've been posting little teasers of my Welcome (!!!) to the Bottle Pop family box, a little gift for new clients. Well, now that I've got the first few mailed out, I've some pics to show you. I made custom Bottle Pop mugs with my little tagline "Let's Make it Happen….and Make it Cute!"...more

Bottle Pop Goals for 2014

I didn't want to rush in to the new year blog proclaiming some half-assed resolutions that I thought about for about 30 seconds or stole from someone's Facebook status. I wanted to leisurely make my way in (maybe even sashaying) with some well thought-out goals for Bottle Pop Party Company for 2014. My clients are changing the way we operate in the best ways possible and we need to keep up! ...more

Made a List. Checked it Twice.

This year, Gabe made a list. He told me what to write in his letter to Santa, obviously with a little prompting from Mom. He asked for: a race track, race cars, a tent, letters (assuming not hand-written ones) and lastly, a stick ....more