Is it Possible to Green a Freelance Business?

Yes, it is. Doing as much as you can to green any business is important.   Greening your freelance business may seem like an intimidating task, but it doesn't have to be. Baby steps may be taken if you are feeling overwhelmed. Do whatever works best for you.  ...more

5 Tips for Spending Less to Eat Healthy

It can be difficult to serve healthy meals when you have only a small food budget, especially when you are feeding other family members as well. Food costs continue to rise, even when income levels do not. This means that many people are bringing home less food than they used to while spending the same amount of money.  ...more

It does. I do not buy a lot of meat myself.

Shannon L. Buck, Freelance Writer


10 Frugal Cooking Tips

With the rising cost of food, saving money on food sometimes seems like a misnomer. Frugal meal preparation is possible, however, with a little effort on your part.   Grow your own herbs, even if only on your windowsill or on a small patio. Use organic soil and heirloom seeds whenever possible for the healthiest food. Do the same with a food garden, even if growing everything in containers because there is a lack of space. ...more

Living Low-Income is Green

Living the low-income life, when done well, is a very green way of living. Think about it: If you have little money or are trying to save the money you do have, then you are less likely to be wasteful. Low-income families often follow this rule: Reduce, reuse and recycle, whether they realize it or not. Reduce...more
How is a shirt sitting in a landfill bad for the environment?   Going "green" is a ...more

10 Tips to Balancing a Freelance Career with Your Life

It is often difficult to balance a freelance career with everything else that is going on in your life, but it is not impossible. There are steps you can take to ensure that every part of your life is tended to as it should be, from spending time with family to cleaning your home.  ...more