101 Nights of Great Sex! The App is Here!

When it comes to Married Sex I’ve overshared. Some of you have fled. But some of you have been grateful to know what works, what doesn’t work, and that you’re not alone when Things-Go-Lame, which they sometimes do ....more

I Got Over my Midlife Crisis in Syrian Refugee Camps

This story was first published in Purple Clover. ...more

Launching my New Teleseminar February 3rd. “Asshat” Recovery. Reserve Your Spot!

Hello Relationship Lovers, This email’s a little different from my usual emails, because it’s specifically for people in pain due to a relationship with an “Asshat.” (aka Difficult Person) If you’re not in pain, you’re lucky, but this email’s not for you. “Asshat” Definition: (applies to both sexes) 1. He doesn’t call or come over when he says he will. 2 ....more

The Unexpected Way Her Father Humiliated Her

This post was first published in Purple Clover. “I just wish you and Daddy weren’t so … so … old,” my 13-year-old daughter, apropos of nothing, announces as we’re saying goodnight. Wait ....more

Gentlemen, Don’t do “THIS” When it Comes to Women …

My last 5 articles from The Asshat Recovery Program aka Shannon Colleary advice: #1 Don’t Age The Egg! Regarding...more

You’re Never Too Old to Learn New Sex Tricks: The Stranger Game

This article was first published in the October 2015 issue of The Oprah Magazine! Henry and I had been married for 10 years when I made him meet me for a blind date. I’d been nursing an inexplicable obsession with the singer Gavin DeGraw and felt I ought to refocus my energy on real-life sex before I ran off on Gavin’s tour bus to serve Lime Rickey’s in a rhinestone thong ....more

She Looked 10 Years Younger: Perfect Derma Chemical Peel

This chemical peel review is NOT a sponsored post for TWFKAB. My friend, Jeannine, stopped by to drop off holiday snacks and I couldn’t believe how great she looked. Had to share her story with my fellow Women-on-the-Edge ....more

Oscar Predictions of 2016 from a Hollywood Screenwriter (aka me)

My 2016 Oscar Predictions & Movie Reviewing Credentials: Entertainment editor for the USC Daily Trojan (Mel Gibson gave me a chaste kiss rather than an autograph when I interviewed him for Lethal Weapon II – yes, this dates me, but it was before he went mad!) MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA from whence I sold my first screenplay then promptly had a nervous breakdown as I went through “development hell.” Worked for eight years as a professional screenwriter, the highlight of which was collaborating with Luke Perry on a Lifetime movie-of-the-week which was to be an unholy union between NASCAR and Harlequin romances. So, yeah … Second high point: “taking a meeting” with David O’Russell as he edited Silver Lining Playbook after which he asked if I’d review it … for my blog?? (It’s safe to say I gave him a good review ....more

A Colleary Christmas 2015 (The Back Waxing Edition)

I don’t know about you glass-half-fullers, but I never feel like I’ve done enough by the end of each year. And this year I turned 50. My mind goes here … I’ll be 80 in just thirty years!...more

From Los Angeles Mom to Helping Syrian Refugees

(This article about my time with Syrian refugees was first published in Huffington Post Impact.) With the San Bernardino tragedy unfolding on our television screens and fear of Muslims, hence refugees, at DefCon 5 I felt I had to share my recent experience volunteering in Syrian refugee camps as a journalist, but more importantly, as a mother. It begins like this: “I’m such an idiot!” I think as I watch volunteers from Doctors Without Borders attempt to lift a nine-months pregnant Syrian woman out of a criminally overcrowded, flimsy raft Turkish smugglers provided for her escape to the island of Lesvos in Greece. This is her first stop as a refugee on the long road to a new home in the European Union, should she survive ....more