My Kitties’ Humans Desperately Needed a New Litter: You’ve Saved Our Olfactory Glands, Cat’s Pride! (Our Family Video and Win 100$!)

I’ve gone to the dark side. I’ve officially become a cat lady. Here’s the evidence: I used to be a dog person until my dog Shelby passed and my traitorous daughters insisted we get a cat ....more

How Do Sex and Nascar Racing Add up to a Healthy Marriage?

Sometimes the comments on a post I’ve written are actually better than the post itself. Which means my evil plan has worked. I don’t have to write my blog anymore, because now my readers can do it for me! ...more

There’s Always Gonna be Haters!

“So what do you do?” the woman at the dinner table on my right asked. “I’m a writer,” I replied, feeling a bit fraudulent. (Is blogging really writing?) ....more

My Kitties' Humans Desperately Needed a New Litter: You've Saved Our Olfactory Glands, Cat's Pride!

I've gone to the dark side. I've officially become a cat lady. I used to be a dog person until my dog Shelby passed and my traitorous daughters insisted we get a cat. Notice the word "a" in that sentence - non-plural, yet somehow we managed to adopt "two" cats, because after my daughter fell in love with a tiger-striped tabby named Beanie. I simply couldn't resist the zaftig, sensuous, moderately tartish Marilyn Monroe. I just can't quit her....more

One Task: How to Build Self-Esteem from my Asshat Recovery Program

Back in my Asshat days I was incredibly annoying. And I wasn’t even the Asshat. But when you’re dating one your behavior can get Bitchtastic ....more

Is it Just Me or is Lady Mary of Downton Abbey an Asshole?

You can’t tell me that kid isn’t scared out of his fucking mind. That’s it, I’ve had it! Lady Edith finds out that the love-of-her-life and newspaperman-at-large, Matthew Gregson, is indeed dead, killed (most likely) by the henchmen of Hitler, and Lady Mary goes out and gets a fashionable bob? ...more

Am I The Only One Who Loved 50 Shades of Grey? (Videos)

I slipped into Row D, seat 22, ostensibly ten feet from the movie screen on Valentine’s Day. I was alone. Unless you count the other 1,000 people in the packed-to-the-rafters theater ....more

Buzzfeed Liquors Some Moms Up and Makes Them Talk About Their Kids. Holy Crap! (Video)

I’m so relieved that I’m not one of the moms in this video. It’s bad enough that my naked bottom is all over the internet. I will have no buttcheek to stand on when it comes to telling my kids what they can and cannot put online, so I’m thrilllled to have missed the casting call for this video ....more

Shift For Love: I’m Speaking At My First Relationship Seminar With Dr. Gary Penn!

I’m thrilled to announce my participation in my first-ever relationship seminar, Shift for Love, on (mark your calendars) Saturday, April 18th in Santa Monica, California! Below you’ll meet the inimitable Dr. Gary Penn of the mellifluous voice and sage advice, and the creative, effusive image-coach Kimberly Seltzer along with what the three of us have planned for this all-day event ....more

Can You Guess Which Movie? (I fast-forwarded through the sexy stuff)

Our favorite clothes for a Monday. Navigating Monday morning in movie quotes. Shannon: “Hurry up kids, we’re going to be late for school!” Clare (age 12): “Whatever you say, Stove.” Shannon: “Steve.” Clare: “What kind of a name is ‘Stove’ anyway?” Shannon: “That’s not a name ....more