IPL Before and After Pictures

I feel it’s my responsibility to try out all dermatological anti-aging procedures before you do, in case they are disastrous. I suppose you can think of me as your minion who tastes your food before you do, in case it’s poisoned. Didn’t someone do that for Jesus? ...more

Just What You’ve Been Waiting For: The Chocolate Anus

Look away, if you can! Dear Mother of God, can it be true? Is it possible that there’s a chocolatier who actually uses the casting of an Unknown Woman’s Anus to make high-quality Belgian chocolate? ...more

3 Steps to Quitting Your Addiction to the Asshat

Guten Morgen meine Kolleginnen Asshat Leid!! (Translation: Good morning my fellow Asshat sufferers! I’m just feeling German today ....more

Fashion Friday with Bungalow 20: From Vegan Leather to Studded Collars!

Happy Fashion Friday. What are you doing tonight? My friend Jamie Grumet and hubby Brian are joining Henry and me for a screening of Anne Hathaway’s new movie, … oh wait, I was looking up the name of the movie on google when I got distracted by The 40 Ugliest Photos of Usually Hot Famous Chicks ....more

Prepare to Cry. Defeating Bullies by Opening a Door to Kindness. (Video)

One of the many things I love about the internet is the speed with which the audacity, bravura and sheer paradigm-shifting wonderfulness of our fellow humans can be transported through the ether. That was a very complicated sentence in the hopes of finding the right words to express how uplifted I am by this one young man. He’s a badass at defeating bullies in the best possible way ....more

A Plea to the Overachieving Mothers! You’re Making me Look Bad!

I’m worried I’m not competitive enough. I’m afraid I may be slacking. My kids are ten and twelve and they each only do one sport and only for one half of the year ....more

Caught In The Act and Traumatized!

It had been a long time. Not as long as, say, reading the Old Testament. But perhaps, as long as the 48 chapters of Ezekiel, since Henry and I had tempestuously, like-a- hurricane-off-the-coast-of-Miami-whipping-spherically-at-100-mph., made love ....more

Fashion Friday at Bungalow 20: Black, Blues and Greys with Great Drape!

It’s a New Year and there’s a whole new slew of great tops and sweaters available on industrious mom-entrepreneurs Kim Hoffman and Ilyse Bronte’s site, Bungalow 20. I popped over to their brick and mortar store to try on their latest selection and, as usual, ended up taking something home for myself. I keep telling myself I have to take advantage of beautiful clothes now, while I can still walk upright and don’t yet have to wear adult diapers ....more

The #1 Thing you Need to get out of an Asshatty, Abusive Relationship!

There’a saying in Al-Anon (a 12-step program which is really for people who are addicted to other people … shyly raises hand) and it’s this:...more

A Paraplegic Dancer Ends Up Homeless, Then This Happens (Video) …

If you weren’t crying you will be. Jill Smokler of Scary Mommy published my story, My Name Is Tom, about my encounter with a homeless man with my daughters in tow, which was initially frightening, then quickly turned into a moment I’ll never forget. Jill sent me a tweet telling me she thought this incredible video was a lovely complement to my story and, of course, it’s so much more than that ....more