March Madness

Oh, hey there. Yikes, it's been quiiiite awhile.Clearly, my new-ish life as a working mom and the act of writing do not exactly go hand in hand. As in, I don't really have time to write.Seeing as it's almost spring break (for the kiddos and for me), and the last time I wrote here was, what, Valentine's Day or something?, well, there's no way to fully fill you in on 4+ weeks of mothering life ....more

Holy Moly Me Oh My

Hey, you all! I apologize in advance for the randomness that will be this post. Much like my brain, it will jump all over the place in a potentially annoying fashion.So it was my birthday this week ....more

Sleep is for the Weak.

Just popping in to show you this dollop of awesomeness:This is the Old Navy activewear top I just ordered (because I was also ordering a new tunic to wear with leggings to replace the one that got irrevocably stained at work (see: work at elementary school), had a bunch of credit card rewards dollars, plus got my entire order (which included another needed item too) on sale for 40% off, which meant a final bill of $4.90, omg)..... Because, seriously, HOW COULD I NOT ORDER THIS. It's the theme shirt of my 2014-2015 school year!Happy Monday, you all ....more

Wait for It.

Oh, my dear ones. I am so falling down on the job. This will be my remembered refrain of the 2014-2015 school year: "I am falling down on the job!"Not the ACTUAL, paying job, of course; I feel (and hope I am right) that I am performing that job quite well ....more

Solo Parenting in the Arctic

So! No, we haven't dropped off the face of the earth. We DID all finally recover from the illness Armageddon that was Christmas break ....more

Let It Snow

Today is the last day of winter break. Tomorrow the girls and I go back to school/work.It could have been better. Like, NOT being sick for most of break would have been a lot better ....more

Ring in 2015!

So much to say, so many photos to upload from my phone, but not a lot of time. Suffice it to say that: we (one or another of us) have been sick for all but 4 (I think?) days of Christmas break so far (and it ends on Sunday); Genevieve came down with the stomach flu (norovirus) ON CHRISTMAS DAY at grandma and grandpa's (astute readers will realize that this was her 2nd bout of norovirus in a few weeks' time; our pediatrician called us unbelievably unlucky) and Julia caught it shortly thereafter. For those keeping count, that's 1 sinus infection, 2 bouts with strep, 3 bout of norovirus, and 2 cases of influenza for this fam in the past 6 or 7 weeks ....more

Does Santa Bring Tamiflu?

The theme of the past week at our house. Somehow this happened though, so we did have some success this past weekend. You guys ....more

Down and Out.

Sooooo.... Like many other parts of the country, my town is currently experiencing a scourge of influenza. There are also waves of the stomach flu and strep making the rounds ....more

Butter, Sugar, & Almond = Norwegian Baked-Goods Gold

So we're full-tilt into the Christmas season and here I haven't yet shown you this: I mean. And then the day after Thanksgiving we went to the downtown shops of our own little Bedford Falls and Julia spied this: ...and told me to get it for Daddy for Christmas. Yes, I'm sure he'd love that.Meanwhile, I've decided that these are my all-time favorite Christmas cookies: cherry-almond chocolate kisses...more