Football, Rain, and Other Diversions

So the day after the Labor Day holiday weekend, the girls and I went back to school and work. I didn't get any good first-day-of-school photos because it was raining like we needed an Ark and everything looked gloomy and full of shadow. We tried not to worry that the weather was an omen about the upcoming school year ....more

Getting Ready

birthday breakfast ...more

Unsucessful Denial

It's the last day of July?! WHAT HAPPENED. ??!!??!!!?????Gah ....more

July, in All its Glory

Ah, summer. Is there anything better? Doubtful.It's a different sort of summer for me ....more

So, This Happened

So. Here we go. A semi-random, rushed (sorry! ...more

Are You Sure?

Have you been wondering why I have not had time to post here since late April, during these last six weeks of the school year--not even a token birthday post when my oldest turned 12 on Friday, nor anything about being rehired at my current full-time job for next year, nor notes about my youngest setting a school (or all of history?) record for running a total of NEARLY TWO HUNDRED miles during recess over the course of the school year, when the goal for the running club program is 100 miles (and most kids don't even make that), nor a word about completing this eight-week, kick-ass interval running program app that almost killed me at first but left me with the most awesome leg muscles and a typical (non-sprinting) mile pace nearly a minute faster than my previous usual (runners: try it!), nor a thing about Julia's first-ever middle-school track season, nor a word about the upcoming nine-girl sleepover birthday party at our house this coming weekend?Well, this. This is why.For those of you on my schedule, enjoy this last (half-)week of school, if you can, amidst the 50 picnic lunches (permission slip required) that are somehow still scheduled (sack lunches needed! drinks in non-glass bottles! ...more

Random Spring Notes

OMGGGGGG.It is ridiculous that I have not written here since mid-February. FEBRUARY. What the ever-loving?I'm terrible.I'll spare you a paragraph about how CRAZY BUSY I have been and all the usual excuses about having NO TIME TO WRITE ....more

A Few Recommendations

Random, I know, but in the dark depths of winter I find that it's helpful to find a few things you love and then latch onto them obsessively. All the better to distract yourself from the fact that you can't go outside without 42 layers of clothing and snow gear, and spring is a good six weeks away.Here are some recent discoveries that have been floating my old creaky boat lately:Books:* The Children's Crusade, by Ann Packer. This book had been on my to-read list for several months (it was published last year and in every book-review magazine column I encountered for awhile there), but I'd forgotten all about it until it appeared before my eyes during a browse at the public library a few weeks ago ....more

Snow to the Rescuuuuuuuuue!!!

So IMMEDIATELY after I wrote that last post about having no time at all, ever, we had a teacher-workshop day off from school, and then a giant blizzard brought a foot of snow and howling, white-out winds to my little town, which resulted in....TWO SNOW DAYS. After a three-day weekend. Yessssssssss.It was if God heard my exhausted pleas for extra time to get something--anything!--done, and said, I'll help you out here ....more

Three Million Steps Counts for Something, Right?

The other day I got an email from FitBit detailing my "stats" for 2015. FitBit says I took 3,408,590 steps last year, covering 1,399 miles. (And that of course does not count the days I forgot to wear my FitBit or the week or two when it malfunctioned and I was waiting for the company to ship me a replacement.) Thank God for that email, because it allows me to feel like I accomplished something tangible at some point.Not that I think I failed at 2015 ....more