Direct Consular Filing in Haiti for a I 130 Residence Visa / a how to

I have received 3 emails about this in the past couple weeks so I’m posting this out there to have a nice little link to send everyone to and to also help anyone else out there in this position....more

remember when I used to write on here?

Oh dear internet and blog. I have become one of those. The people who have a blog and think about what they should post and keep it on their to do list but then only post about the inability to post ....more

early in the morning

You see, if you go down almost any road in a city of Haiti you will find it bustling, bursting at its seams almost. Street vendors piled on top of each other selling wares and goods-often feet or inches behind garbage or a small canal with dirty water running through it that line the streets. In front of them other mobile vendors walking around with their wares on their heads yelling out what they are selling ....more

kanaval 2014

I was thinking yesterday as I painted faces how funny it is to think about our journey of progression with Kanaval in Haiti. I feel like this year I’m getting to experience it a tad like a normal Haitian would with the anticipation of some fun, some knowledge that you don’t do some of the things because it gets crazy, and a little vacation mixed with lots to do. Kinda like when the fair comes to town in America ....more

what matters most

A few nights a week we take a walk through this field. Wind our way through the cut paths made my farmers bringing their cows to the pasture. We cross a little field where they are planting corn and we arrive at an open field to watch a soccer game ....more

updates of the random kind

Every evening we usually don’t have electricity. This is no complaint because we are actually very very blessed to usually have EDH (electricity companies name) every night. It goes out in the evening and mornings but is on at night and early afternoons ....more


This bride to be just makes me happier when I’m around her! She has become a great friend in the midst of her wedding planning and us finding each other. She blogs her wedding planning adventure as a Bride Blogger on Haiti Weddings! ...more

fanmi mwen

There are people that God has placed in my life in the past year that have helped me in ways I can never thank them for, held me when I couldn’t stand, showed me joy and laughter, driven me to learn more about love, selfless love, and believed in me....more

Book Review: Carry On, Warrior

A couple things happened this year by accident....more


There is something that calls to me about culture and tradition....more