This Too Shall Pass: Fall Mud, Autumn Feelings

I've been thinking a lot about time. I suppose fall does that to me. With all the leaves falling and the ground decaying under my feet. It's Mother Nature's most in-your-face reminder that time marches on, things change, release, fall away. And I suppose I feel like being grounded too....more
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Marriage is A Giant Leap of Faith

Last year was hard. The hardest one of all. This month is our eighth wedding anniversary, and we have attended three weddings on three consecutive weekends. Fidelity is in the air, y’all. Surrounded by all this matrimony it’s hard not to pause and reflect on everything that has happened in my own marriage — then, now, since... ...more
My husband and I are facing the prospect of counseling. It's scary but I'm glad to know how well ...more

Don't Just Lean In, LEAP IN: Let Passion Be Your Guide to Life Choices

Less than a week after I brought my first baby home, after the post-birthing euphoria wore off, after all the relatives had cooed, cuddled, and given back the baby — I fell silently, like a deflating balloon, into a bout of despair....more

There are Pythons in the Everglades: And Other Things I've Learned about Marriage

Recently, my husband and I spent a week on vacation in the furthest, southern, sunny geography in the continental United States; south Florida. We also recently spent several rainy, winter months in counseling in Seattle, Washington. We didn’t choose to go to Florida, and if we didn’t have to, we wouldn’t have chosen to go to counseling. But my husband, the intrepid bread-winner, won this trip to the Sunshine State through his work....more

Why We Are All Adam Lanza

In the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary I have witnessed every conceivable reaction. Some want to rage about gun control and security; others want to discuss mental illness. Many want to promote peace and focus on the good. Countless are putting their energy into prayer and espousing religion while others get busy with donations. There are even a few who want retaliation against the NRA. All if it... every. single. last. thing. we are doing is a feeble attempt at making ourselves feel better....more

Why I Told My Best Friend Not to Have Kids

One of my best friends is on the fence about having children, but I'm not: I told her not to. My advice isn't because I regret becoming a mother, or that I think she'd be a bad one -- on the contrary. I know she'd be a wonderful mother and I've never for one millisecond regretted having my children. My advice is based on what I believe it would do to her because I know what it's done to me....more
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Driftwood: Reflections on My 7th Wedding Anniversary and What I Should Know by Now

Seven years ago today I was looking out the window of a hotel room onto an habitually grey, Seattle sky trying not to bite my acrylic nails. I was thinking that the worst thing that could ever happen to me would be rain on my outdoor wedding....more

Creating a Tradition of Good Deeds on Birthdays

I believe in Karma....more

Wanting What Doesn't Exist (In other words, for mothering small children to be easier.)

I need space to think. I know this about myself. I need time to reflect, to ponder, to remember over and over and over the reasons why what I'm doing is important. I need time to untangle the thoughts and emotions that twist like vines in my head, and to do this, I need moments to breath and just be. And then after I get those moments, I need to connect with other people about them. This helps me not to feel alone and/or crazy.I need these things a lot to feel good about myself....more
I miss being able to sit and concentrate!  It's easy to think that going to work is no easier ...more

Needful Things: A Reflection on the Changing Dynamics of Being Needed

I'm a little embarrassed to admit this (so when has that stopped me?) but the biggest shock I received when I became a new parent was how needy newborns were. Crazy right? Like I totally should have known this going into to it. Like, of course you dumbass what did you expect a Golden Retriever? On an intellectual level, I suppose I did know this, but I also think it's one of those you can't really know until you live it....more