tear ducts should come with a remote

I had emergency surgery to have an ovary removed just before Christmas of 2010. When I returned to work six weeks later, surgery stories were my welcome-back present. One lady told me how her hysterectomy stole her tears. Where she once cried over the turmoils of toe-stubbing, her kids were now concerned she was a sociopath. After listening to her, I turned to my friend and said, “I’d pay for that surgery.” She responded with, “Ew.” My friend doesn’t know what it’s like to feel zero control over your emotions....more

fear is a survivor

In Vancouver I’m surrounded by people living with less. By choice and circumstance. A handful quit their jobs to pursue what they love, and some days teeter on broke, but they seem alive with passion, possibility and fight.Continue reading......more

don't call me, maybe

A friend of mine wrote on her Facebook status that her ringing phone felt like an act of hostility and ignoring it was satisfying. I don’t think hostility suits what I feel, but there’s a definite reaction when my phone rings. I think confusion is closer to what I experience. YOU GUYS MY CAMERA IS RINGING.Steve will often call on his way home from something and that’s when he gets a glimpse of what I’d be like in a coma....more

knick-knack reminders

Knick-knacks are the signature of my youth. All flat surfaces in my childhood home were veiled in cutesy, wooden, brass, paper, glass, trinkety,dust collectors. And guess who had to wipe, move, and reposition brass elephant statues and wooden shoes from holland and porcelain bells from England and decorative glass plates on stands? Good guess, but no. Not my brother and not my sister; they were nonexistent assholes. All child labour fell my way....more
 @Darcie Oh, I broke a few things in my dusting days!more