Birds, Bees, and Ear Wax?

For the past few months, one of my children, who shall go unnamed, has been coming into my room nightly, getting Q-tips, and cleaning out his ears. ...more

Can I See Some I.D., Please?

I had my visit with the IST (that would be as in THERAPist)  this evening. This time, I went alone and spared my husband the torture of spilling his guts to two women. Even if one of the women is his wife. ...more

The Wonders of Open House

Last night was the Middle School Open House. I really did not want to go.  Ohmygoodnesssplease I could think of a million other things to do than run around the middle school from 7 to 9:30 pm on a weeknight. I would have looked for a way out of it, except for one reason: Jordan. He has always been obsessed with me attending Open House. ...more

Just Keep Eating and Don’t Talk.

Yesterday, the unthinkable happened. Jordan went on a date. Well, not a real date, he just turned twelve, I’m not that crazy. But, he was invited to dinner, by a girl from school. I was half asleep on Friday afternoon, taking an early nap. I vaguely remember him coming in a nudging me and asking if he could go to dinner with ‘%&^%^%Y and her family.’ ...more

Your Mom Got Arrested for What?

I waited until the absolute worst possible day to take the kids to the mall for back to school shopping: the Saturday before every child attending public school in Texas starts. ...more

Smelly Shoes

  As I was leaving for work yesterday, I tripped over one of my twelve year old son’s shoes. ...more

Back To School Cash Crunch

Here it is, less than a week now before school starts, and I am almost in panic mode. Yes, of course, I am Team Captain of the Cheerleading Squad for moms ready to send their kids back to school. Two-Four-Six-Eight, who do we appreciate? TEACHERS! (I would insert a back handspring here, but I might hurt myself.) ...more

Hi there! Actually, mine are 12, 14 and 16. That's what is scaring me. They are WANTING to go to ...more

Turning 40 on Facebook

So it’s no secret, today is my 40th birthday. I’ve been blogging, gabbing, texting and writing about this day for weeks now, it’s certainly not something I’ve made any effort to hide. This is the my first birthday since I joined Facebook last fall. The big day has finally arrived. I was wise enough to take off work today so I could celebrate in style and sleep late. I eventually drug myself out of bed, made it to my beloved coffee and booted up the laptop. ...more

THANK YOU! :)more

Driving Mrs. Crazy

It's been two months now since Tyler got his drivers license. Ahh, the memories. It seems so long ago, those days of me toting him around. I was so sad at seeing him drive off that first morning. My first born son, taking the lives of his brothers in his hand as he drove them off to swim practice, three blocks away. I stood on the front porch watching, ready to throw my body down to stop him. ...more

First, I should tell you that I linked this post on the BlogHer Facebook page (and there are ...more

The Final Countdown

Well, D-day is nearly here. Tomorrow is the big day, the big 4-0. I think today I might run to the grocery store and yank out a bunch of random magazine subscription cards just so I can check off all the demographic boxes that say ‘Under 40’ on them, before it’s too late and I have to lie. Or, I could go try to buy some liquor and see if I get carded so I can point out to the cashier that I’m 39? Just in case my husband and kids are reading this, remember, I took off work tomorrow to celebrate the start of my new decade. ...more