Beyonce is now a University Course? Yep! #MakingBlackGirlHistoryNOW

Politicizing BeyonceMost of us learn about Beyonce through the blogs, news and via her own music. But Beyonce is clearly on the upgrade and making Black History of her own....more
I'm a bit disturbed, as there is in my opinion only one similiarity to Beyonce and Nikki ...more

What Should I Wear When I Go Wine Tasting? #WineEtiquette

What should you wear for wine tasting?So I was watching Real Housewives of Atlanta and enjoying it to the fullest. The ladies went wine tasting and brought some other friends along with them. I simply assumed that since the cast members of the Real Housewives crews are wealthy and two of them actually have wine lines that they push-on the Atlanta cast...I simply assumed that the women had been wine tasting before. Apparently not....more
Thanks for the I just got to get out there and start sipping!more

Leave Blue Ivy Carter and Her Natural Hair Alone | #Beauty

I Am Blue Ivy CarterI am a Natural Curly-Fro wearing Classy, Black Girl. My hair has been through it all from perms to presses, braids to weaves and everything in between. Most of the time the goal was to always change how my hair was presented to the world....more
Thank you for reaffirming that I don't have to torture my kid's heads for the sake of other's ...more

Kappa Alpha Psi Chapter on Probation for Denying Membership to Openly Gay Student

I am the first to admit that I can be a bit messy, even a little judgemental and hypocritical. However, this matter for the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi touched my heart two fold. READ>>> Are the Nupes Embarassed by Rich Dollaz? #LAHHNY...more

Are Reality TV Moms's REAL? Mama Joyce #RHOA

#Rhoa Tomfoolery?This week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Ghetto Tomfoolery went DOWN. And you know that I am here to give you my Classy but honest perspective....more


The Olivia Pope Weave Chronicles...It is slightly rediculous that I was thinking...I positively adore the Olivia Pope Weave? This should actually be the name of a really good wig in the beauty supply, if it isn't already. Olivia Pope has had a LOT of different weaves, styles and looks. I just wanted to chronicle my top Olivia Pope Weaves over the past 3 years! Tell me if you agree with me or you dont'!...and share with me YOUR favorite Olivia Pope Weave looks as well!...more

Are you a victim of the friendly fade?

Feeling the Friendly Fade?How come when things just start getting to a cool and comfortable place and you actually dig somebody, do you feel the self protection need to back off? ..because men start pulling away when you stop...I like to call it the friendly fade. I feel everything. As a chick I have dated for so long that I actually know the signs. I can almost pinpoint the moment that my dude or even dude du jour started seeing somebody else or was just no longer interested. Here are my tell tale signs that it's time to fold 'em....more

Love Me Long Time Meatless Lasagna

I purchased all of these products and all thoughts and opinions are my own. Lasagna is one of my favorite dishes and I perfected the meatless version w...more

Get Him Out of Bed Ginger & Honey Smoothie!

Sometimes getting your babe out of bed is difficult...and not just because he doesn't want to leave you. Winter time makes us all move a little slower and with the time change...uhhh. This smoothie has got bite and clears your system like crazy, but it also has some other really awesome benefits. I beleive in this twice a week as a health and beauty treatment from the inside out!...more

Is it Classy to Go Commando?

Go Commando, we all know what it is....more