Loving Olive Oil

Isn’t it fabulous when good health intersects with good taste? Such is the case with extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). Health experts once thought that boring, zero-fat eating was the way to go, but more research points to the advantages of cooking with a drizzle of delicious EVOO. Increasingly, research shows that foods rich in healthy fats—namely olives—are good for you in so many ways. ...more

Have Yourself a Plant-Powered (and Delicious!) Holiday Season

Most often, we tend to picture our holiday meals with a big slice of ham, turkey, or roast beef at the center of the plate. But, this year – I challenge you to shift your mindset to a more plant-powered one. Instead, focus on the rainbow of delicious plant-based foods that often surround and compliment your central dish. ...more

Staying Satisfied with Soy Milk

The soybean has been one of the most widely studied plants on the planet – and it has gained even more attention in recent years as an increasing number of people are choosing to adopt a plant-based diet. Thanks in large part to the wonderful new products and restaurants geared towards plant-based eaters, gone are the days when “eating veggie” was considered to be about as hip and tasty as munching on granola and alfalfa sprouts.  With restaurants offering options such as “meatless” bacon, cashew cheese, and sautéed tofu on their menus, vegetarians sure do have a lot to choose from....more

Boost your Protein Intake for Health and Longevity

There is no underestimating how important dietary protein is to your body. Proteins make up many of your body’s structures, including muscle, bone, skin, and hair, and they play a role in the creation of enzymes, hormones, vitamins, and neurotransmitters that your body requires to go about its everyday business of living. ...more

Plant-Power with Herbs & Spices

Since the beginning of time, people have cherished plants – in particular herbs and spices – not only for their flavor, but also for their health benefits. In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that 80 percent of the world’s population still uses such plants as their major source of medicine today.  Some spices and herbs provide similar healing effects as medications, such as soothing a sore throat and calming an upset stomach – without the side effects. ...more
Sharon, I had polenta when we traveled to Italy a couple of years ago and this recipe sounds ...more

Making the Shift Towards More Plant Foods

As a Registered Dietitian who writes about food and nutrition, I am constantly mulling over research – and it doesn’t take long to realize that evidence is mounting to support a plant-based diet as the healthiest way of eating on the planet. In my book, The Plant-Powered Diet, you can read about the overwhelming amount of science backing up this dietary trend. ...more

Eating Free: Whole Grain Goodness

Plant-Power for Anti-Inflammation

As a dietitian and food and nutrition journalist, I live and breathe nutrition; it is my job to pore over nutrition studies, travel to nutrition conferences, and talk to scientists in search for strategies to help you live a longer, more vibrant life. This past year, I released a book, titled The Plant-Powered Diet to encompass the reasons behind the simple advice I often give when asked about the best diet for optimal health. ...more

Fall in Love with Legumes

As Registered Dietitian and nutrition journalist who has spent close to 30 years pouring over the latest in food and nutrition research, I have come to one conclusion as to how we can all live longer, more vibrant lives. The answer: Eat more whole plants. In fact, there are now hundreds of studies backing up my conclusion that the healthiest diet on the planet is a plant-based one. ...more

10 Kid-Friendly Tips to Get More Fruits and Veggies Into Your Diet

As parents, it’s not uncommon to want our kids to eat their fruits and veggies – and it’s not news that eating more of them is linked to good health. There’s a reason for the phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” There’s been hundreds of research-based studies that have been backing this claim up for years. They all lead to one conclusion: The healthiest diet on the planet is a plant-based diet. ...more
morning protein smoothie. I add some frozen figs, strawberries and even a cube or two of frozen ...more