Give the Christmas Card a personal touch

It's that time of year again.  Time to write the Christmas letter and send out cards.  It is nice to receive and send them and to catch up with friends and family.  It is also important, during the hustle and bustle, to remember God's gift to us, His son Jesus.    ...more

Leftover turkey recipes at your leisure

So I made a turkey for Thanksgiving.  I was responsible for the turkey and stuffing, and friends brought side dishes.  I turned out great.  The only thing missing was the heat and serve rolls, which we really didn't need anyway because there was so much food!  I had oodles of leftover turkey, still do.  My cat and I are eating the leftovers, little by little.  And I know that recipes for the leftovers are abundant right now - I have several of my own that I want to use. ...more

Quick and budget friendly dinner for the whole family

Sometimes it feels like I cook too much.  I really try to avoid prepackaged foods, so I'm always searching my brain for easy meals that are healthy, fast and don't ding the budget.  I like mexican and I like spice.  So I remembered an old favorite that's versatile.  You can add your favorite ingredients and still come out with the same result: easy and budget friendly, and don't forget delicious!  What am I talking about - it's the Tostada!  ...more

Healthy jazzed up rice

I like trying new recipes.  And with food prices rising, I like to keep it inexpensive without compromising on the healthy part of my diet.  I was reading an article from a chef, about what he ate, and he said he takes whole grain rice and cooks up a big batch, then adds veggies and seasonings.  What a novel idea!  So I started thinking about what I could make.  Turns out I already had some long grain brown rice just sitting in the pantry.  Now, I can get creative with food.  I believe all recipes can be adjusted and folks can make them "their own" by doing just that.  I a ...more

Clear your mind; sleep well

I'm one of those who require, at minimum, eight hours of sleep at night.  And on the weekends, I need at least one restful night of nine or ten hours of sleep to feel refreshed for the coming week.  I was recently laid off from my job of twenty plus years, and the best part about the layoff was getting adequate sleep!  Within a week, I felt rested and had more energy. ...more

I find that I sleep better, the earlier I go to bed.  This ...more

Spice up your salmon

Salmon is good for you.  The Omega 3's and protein help keep us healthy.  But the same old can be boring, and it can be expensive too!  I always choose wild caught over farmed.  Farmed salmon often has additives and artificial coloring.  Choosing wild caught ensures I get the all the benefits of eating salmon, less any artificial additives I don't want.  ...more

Thanks Sharon!


My intro

Hello everyone.  I am new to this site and still kind of exploring all it has to offer.  I'd love to get some good ideas, make some friends and pass on a few of my own ideas in the process.  I'm interested in faith, health, fitness, and diet primarily, but have an open mind and many other interests as well.  ...more

From potluck to football party to appetizer

It's that time of year for potlucks, football parties and appetizers.  We want to stay healthy and avoid overindulging, but oh those goodies are just too much.  Or maybe you actually have the willpower to say no and stick to the good stuff.  I find that bringing a healthy snack or dish to the party helps me because I often end up eating a good portion of it!  ...more