My Twitter Conversation with the Princeton Mom

Empty House Full Mind - Observations from the midlife empty nest I have been fighting on Twitter with the Princeton Mom. You know her – she’s the one who said girls need to find a husband in college, before the pool of potential mates thins out too much. As she states: “If you associate too closely with a man who is significantly below your intellectual level, you will eventually get stupid juice all over you.” Now she’s taken up a new cause – the over reporting of rape, and the responsibility of women to stay sober to protect themselves from being assaulted ....more

7 Great Books You May Not Have Read Yet

Empty House Full Mind - Observations from the midlife empty nest Bookstores used to be my sanctuary. In the past I could spend an hour or so browsing the books, considering this new release or that older novel in it’s paperback incarnation. I could read a few pages and decide if the book would hold my attention, look at the author’s photo, read her bio (jealous, jealous!), roam around ....more

Find Relief from Hot Flashes with Replenish

Empty House Full Mind - Observations from the midlife empty nest Having suffered with hot flashes during perimenopause, and knowing many of my readers do too,...more

How My Daughter Found the Right College

Empty House Full Mind - Observations from the midlife empty nest Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Kaplan Test Prep. I received compensation to write this post, and any opinions expressed are my own, and reflect my actual experience. College was never a question for my husband or me when we were growing up ....more

Why Parents Should Save for College

Empty House, Full Mind - Observations from the midlife empty nest In an article last year on the Huffington Post entitled “The Case for Not Saving for College” written by Jeff Bogle, the author stated that rather than saving for college, he and his wife have opted to take their children on a trip to Barcelona, install an elaborate jungle gym in their backyard and go to the theater, among other things. It is their belief that by spending a lot of time with their children doing meaningful and exciting things, they are preparing them to be the awesome adults we would all like to see our children grow to become — and making unforgettable memories, too. The author goes on to state that should his children choose to go to college, they will value it all the more for having to work to pay for it themselves, and that the paltry amount ($29,000 in his estimation) that he and his wife could have saved would be of little help to them, anyway ....more

Driving Lessons From My Father

Getting my driver’s license was one of the best days of my life. I remember that first day of freedom, cruising around the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles with my best friend, Danette. My ride was my mother’s gigantic, white Buick LeSabre with an automatic transmission, which, with it’s bench seats, could easily accomodate...more

Get Help With Your Hot Flashes From Replenish

Summer may be over, but for those who suffer from hot flashes during perimenopause and menopause, we carry our own personal summer with us everywhere we go! There may be a way to alleviate those uncomfortably warm moments by participating in a drug study by Replenish. If you’re looking for help, here’s an option for you ....more

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger – Or Does It?

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” – Friedrich Nietzsche How do you feel about this statement? Does it resonate with truth for you, or does it sound cliched and trite? Do you find comfort in those words, or do they do nothing for you? ...more

Win a $75 Gift Certificate to Uncommon Goods

With so many places to shop online, it can ...more

Parenting an Average Student

Note: This post was written with my son’s blessing and encouragement....more