On the Occasion of My 25th Wedding Anniversary

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Hot Flashes? Replenish May Be the Answer

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The ABCs of Empty Nesting

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Manage Bladder Control with Depend

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Finding Your Way Back to You in the Empty Nest

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How Walking My Dog is Like Raising My Children

My dog Lambeau is thrilled each time I take the leash out of the closet. He jumps up and down, leaping with the joyous anticipation of fresh air, new scents, puddles, grass and the mystery of the unknown. My babies would greet me each morning, standing in their cribs, their happy, toothless grins welcoming me, their tiny...more

BlogHer'14 - Meeting Kerry Washington, Being a Mentor and More

Because I am an Introvert...It's the Saturday night of BlogHer'14, and unlike 90% of the attendees, I am holed up in my hotel room, the events of the past 3 days finally having caught up with me in a big way. Not being much of a party girl I have opted to pass on the closing celebration....more

Searching for the New in an Empty Nest

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How Neil Young Saved My Life

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