Life After Sibling Loss: Why My Son Has Siblings

At the age of three, I was given a gift, a sweet sister. Like most older siblings, I didn’t always feel like she was a gift. My sister went from being a young toddler following my every move and adoring me to being fiercely independent as a teenager. Lots of hair pulling and squabbles over small things, like our Barbie doll collection, is what I can recall from our childhood....more
Thank you for sharing your heartwarming story with us Sharon. So many emotions. Loss of a ...more

Budgeting - Then and Now

It is widely recognized that having and raising kids is expensive. From healthcare to childcare, clothing and toys, most parents make adjustments in their spending budget during planning for having kids and once children arrive.Because I am analytical, the idea of comparing household budgets from 2003 to 2013 was a really interesting project. (My first child was born in 2007 and I had no plans to have children back in 2003.)...more

What Not to Buy Used for Baby: Tips from a Consignment Store Owner

It might seem funny to hear from a consignment store owner on what NOT to buy gently used, but of course I have some good reasons! Most important is safety for the families, especially the young children who are my customers and friends. Here are the Top 3 Things NOT to Buy Gently Used: 1) A Car Seat: While car seats can be pricy, new ones have no bad history....more
Exactly what I thought - We have three friends having babies all around the same time and we ...more

The Value of a Tri-Lingual Education

As the owner of a children's store called Little Green Beans, people always ask me about my kids. Where are they when I am working? My children attend preschool while my husband and I work full time. Around age 2, I started to consider how to bring more structure to my son's day. He loved (and still loves) to play. He's bright and creative. He was just ready for more school and learning than day care....more