Being Intentional about the Energy You Allow

“Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space.” Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor One of my clients is building an amazing new coaching practice for adolescents and young adults trying to find their way in the world. She left behind a teaching career, a pension and the illusion of safety and security....more

Why I'm Not a Fan of Affirmations

“…before a wound can heal, it must be seen.” Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way It’s not that I think affirmations are a bad thing; I don’t.The mind can be incredibly powerful....more

No Mud. No Lotus.

“Just like the lotus we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness, and radiate into the world.” Author UnknownI don’t go to this place very often. I don’t go there because it’s dark and heavy. I don’t go there because I am such a lover and believer in the perfection of the journey. I don’t go there because I really have forgiven myself. ...more

What's Your Story? Is it Keeping You Stuck?

“You’re getting the results of your stories.” Angela LauriaIf you’re healing after a breakup, you inevitably have a story about what happened and why the relationship ended. Take a moment and think about that story. When someone asks you the question, “What happened?” what do you say?...more

The Negative Emotions You Resist will Only Persist

“Negative emotions like loneliness, envy, and guilt have an important role to play in a happy life; they’re big, flashing signs that something needs to change.”  Gretchen Rubin Last Saturday, my client Leslie found herself feeling incredibly sad about a past relationship with a man she loved very much. Historically when she would feel that way, she would judge those emotions of sadness and push them aside:...more

How Your Soul Says "Yes!"

“Stay open to whoever and whatever comes along. When you least expect it, life can take your breath away.” Unknown You know that one friend? That friend you have that’s more than a best friend and maybe even more than family? ...more

Our Happiness: Our Job

“You have to learn to get up from the table when love is no longer being served.” Nina SimoneAnne has an ex-husband that is also a part-time terrorist; I’m convinced of it. She also has a business relationship that’s borderline abusive that she’s trying to un-wind. She’s an incredibly caring person with a good spirit and never treats anyone unkindly. Anne just wants the people in her life to treat her with the same kindness and respect that she extends to everyone else....more

Love by July

“Bees can fly 12 miles without getting lost. Albatrosses, 25,000 miles. And flying insects, without eyes, have no trouble whatsoever finding their ‘soul mates.’ Imagine what I can do for you when you listen to the voice within.”  The Universe, from Notes from The Universe by Mike DooleyMy client Paul took a stand about 2 weeks ago. He set the goal that he would have love by his side by July 22nd....more

Making Room for Love

“No makes way for yes.” Danielle LaPorte, #TRUTHBOMBCamille is an incredibly successful corporate executive. To meet her, you might immediately see that she’s pretty confident, pretty adventurous and pretty fabulous. ...more

You can Save Yourself from Drowning

“You don’t drown by falling in the water, you drown by staying there.” Edwin Louis ColeWhen someone is drowning, it’s incredibly risky for another person to attempt to rescue that person because they can easily get pulled under by the victim. In their panicked state, the victim may unintentionally pull the rescuer under the water trying to stay near the surface, placing both people at risk for drowning....more