Resources for Struggling Adoptive Families

I've got a new post up at Adoptive Families Circle where I'm sharing some resources I've turned to when I've faced challenges as a parent. ...more

As emotions over US-Russia adoptions intensify, a rift widens into a chasm

As emotions over US-Russia adoptions intensify, a rift widens into a chasm ....more

Russia Backs Off Claim of Murder in Death of Adopted Boy in Texas -

Russian officials retreated from accusing a Texas woman of murder in the death of a 3-year-old boy she adopted from Russia, as the cause of his death remained unclear ....more

E.J. Graff Looks at the "Horror of Adopting a Troubled Foreign Child" in Slate. Ugh.

Sadly, yet another adoption tragedy has made the news: the death of 3-year-old Max Allen Shatto. Officials in Russia have accused the boy's adoptive mother, Laura Shatto, of beating him to death; she claims that Max was outside playing when she found him unresponsive and called for help ....more

WQED in Pennsylvania Looks at Adoptive Families Embracing Ethiopian Culture

The Horizon program, which runs on Pennsylvania PBS affiliate WQED, takes a look at four adoptive families who are embracing the Ethiopian heritage of their children. You can watch the episode at the link.WQED Multimedia: TV :: WQED On Demand ....more

Adoptive Families Magazine looking for Reader Submissions

This message from the editors of Adoptive Families landed in my in-box today and I though I would share: SPECIAL DOUBLE ISSUE: Celebrate Adoption The next issue of Adoptive Families is all about you! We're excited to announce a special double issue, "Celebrate Adoption: Our Families, Our Stories," and we want contributions from the AF community. Every family formed through adoption has a story to tell - and we want to hear every last one! ...more

UPDATE: Missing Child Bedria Williams Found Safe

Bedria Williams, an Ethiopian adopted teen who ran away from her Oregon home last month, was found safe on February 9. Bedria's family made the announcement on theirFacebook pagewithout further details. All the best for Bedria and the family as they begin their recovery and reconciliation ....more

American adoption of South Korean baby girl at risk -

EVANSTON, Ill., Jan. 11 (UPI) -- A couple from Evanston, Ill., are fighting to keep custody of their 7-month old adoptive daughter, whom South Korean officials say was adopted illegally. via ...more