a significant week

Lots of pretty note-worthy things happened in my family last week. My Mom had a birthday, my brother had a birthday, my niece had a birthday on her parents' anniversary (love them all so!) and my brother had his second baby on that very same day. ...more

Charity and Ian are SAFE

An email I just got from my mom: ...more

my sister and the earthquake in Nepal

I have received many emails and texts, as well as a few comments asking for any update on my sister Charity and her husband who are hiking near Mount Everest right now....more

TBT -- the early years

I have been feeling particularly reminiscent lately as we prepare for Max's graduation. ...more

let it go

The other night the stars aligned in such a way that I got to take three of Claire's four siblings to support her in her handbell performance (Dave was out of town, Elle was still at tennis). It was a little thing...an aside to the art show that they do at a local furniture shop in town every year, but Claire had stars in her eyes about it and that girl has gone to support her older siblings on soooo many things over the years they could be there to support this. ...more


Lucy has never been super motivated by our chore/job/money system dealio. ...more

March little things

Ok let's talk about beauty one more time. ...more

prom 2015

Remember when I talked about crossing into the "dance phase" of teenagers back HERE?...more

a little hike

When my sister-in-law from Utah is in town it turns into a party here. ...more

on listening

Ok, first of all, before I say anything else, I have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the great input and advice about Elle's summer the last couple days. ...more