Bonjour Paris!

Before we dive into our adventures in France, I have to preface them with some thoughts about Lucy. She has been talking about France (Paris, to be exact) for a couple years now. Her American Girl doll went there in one of the American Girl chapter books she read and ever since then she has been talking about bonbons, croissants, pastries, and the Eiffel Tower ....more

rain, fog, chocolate, and beauty all around (Switzerland part 2)

My sister-in-law Anita (who is Swiss) planned our Switzerland itinerary. She had planned our trip with all of us Eyre girls (back HERE) so incredibly perfectly that I begged her to help us figure out the perfect things for Dave and I to do with our kids. ...more

selfies, jumping, a grumpy tourist, and a launch right into Switzerland

First of all, thank you soooo much for all your help and comments in the last post. ...more

help a college student out (her name is Elle:)

Yesterday Elle joined us up at the lake....more

a surprise at Pickleville

Every year at least part of our huge group heads over from our side of the lake to the other side to see the "Bandito" plays that are performed at the Pickleville Playhouse. I talked about how much we love Juanito Bandito back HERE (and also lots of other places I can't find right now). ...more

pre-reunion Bear Lake

Man alive, I'm coming back to the present for a minute so I can write about being right here, right now. So much has happened this summer. ...more

May little things

April ended with my nephew and niece-in-law's beautiful wedding back HERE. So May began with still a whole slew of cousins in town...and a couple birthdays to be celebrated. ...and new babies to teach to smile: Oh man I am related to a whole bunch of baby lovers I tell you! I got to go on Lucy's last field trip of the year with her and the rest of the third grade ....more

art masterpiece wrap-up

In all that end-of-school hoopla I spaced it on including the end of art masterpiece for the year. And I can't forget that because it's one of my favorite things I get to do in the school. ...more

the trek 2016

Every four years our stake (group of ward congregations) goes on a "trek." I wrote all about what in the world that is back HERE when I got to go last time, but just real quick (and this is gonna sound weird to those who have never heard of it before), all the youth ...more


Graduation came and went and all seemed to be well. Elle and I both survived even with a lot of emotions swirling around. I mean, I had sent my first off the year before and survived, and we were heading out to spend some serious time with Elle on a family trip in the next week so I figured the emotions might hold out a little bit. least until we sent her off to begin her college life right after our trip ....more