mom inspiration

I've been listening to the "Encore Day" interviews from the Mom Conference today getting so inspired. ...more

August little things

In preparation for school to start (on August 3rd of all horribly early days to start school), we tried to get our house situated and organized to ring in the new school year. We packed away all the paraphernalia from our summer hoopla... ...into a special little file, and into journals and mostly into our hearts. (those were my brainstorming notes from our coast-of-California trip...all about that back HERE and HERE.)We returned all the books we borrowed to get ready for Europe.. ....more

social media/technology "trainers"

As parents we are "trainers" in so many ways.We train our children to talk, to walk, to eat, to smile in the beginning.We train them to say "please" and "thank you," to look adults in the eye, to build a tower with blocks, to take turns, to read, to write, to know without thinking that if you times three by five you get fifteen.Oh the things we get to be responsible to teach and train are endless...and exciting.But can be so daunting as well!One of the things we must carefully train our children for in this generation is how to use technology and social media in a positive way.My sister and I did our little Conference for Moms interview a while ago and I used a lot of questions and tips from blog readers from this post back HERE. ...more

July little things

Wait. ...more

today's the day!

The time has finally arrived. The Mom Conference is here! Be sure to register if you haven't over here: MOM CONFERENCE REGISTRATION From there you will get links to tune right on in and get so inspired by everything from how to handle sibling rivalry to nurturing your marriage to avoiding entitlement to talking to your kids about sex just to name a few ....more

cousins from the other side & a visit to Provo

After all that time the girls and I spent on the road over the summer, we were pretty glad to have Dave with us to drive home. ...more

FREE mom conference coming up quick

Ok, so I can't believe how fast this MOM CONFERENCE dealio is coming up! NEXT WEEK! ...more

Eyrealm reunion 2016 -- Part 2

FOOD Food is a big deal at our reunions. ...more

Eyrealm reunion 2016 -- part 1

Each summer we look forward to getting together with this crew: the annual Eyrealm reunion at Bear Lake. And every year I feel like we need a wider angle camera lens. Let's take that photo and look at half at a time so we can see more of that family we love so much ....more

Lucy's birthday & conference weekend

So the day finally came last Saturday when this girl of ours turned TEN: She has written numerous "books" leading up to the big occasion and has sent a whole slew of funny text messages to make sure people were aware.Oh, and there have been follow-up texts as well... That girl is a pretty great texter I tell you!The day started off with the traditional candy bar poster: ...and birthday breakfast. Claire was pretty excited about her wrapping job and to give some art supplies to that little sister of hers ....more