we have a high school cheerleader in the house

Ok, now that all that college-drop-off-hoopla-excitement-tears are documented (but far from over...I still can't go near his room without weeping but it is so fun to talk to him when we can catch him...college is pretty much Heaven on earth so far for that kid!), let's document a little more of the hoopla going on around here.One of the most exciting things since school started is that Grace tried out for the freshman cheer team....And made it! She came down with such a horrible cold during the week of clinics to learn all the stuff for actual tryouts, and then on the big day she was still feeling pretty awful, but she went ahead and cheered her little heart out and made that team. She went through all the nervous emotions leading up to it all and hesitated to try out, but decided to go for it and I'm so proud of her ....more

the BYU drop-off

So after all the blubbering and heart-wrench (last post), we headed to take our boy up to start his life as an official BYU Cougar.As you can tell, he wasn't overly broken up about it. Love the fact that he picked that particular shirt to wear...not sure if that was just a coincidence or not...The “grand” part of sending a child off to college (that I promised to get to today) is that man, it is fun to watch that excitement sparkle in your child’s eyes.….Although I’m pretty sure I didn’t have the same look in my eyes that he did when I first checked in to Boston University all those years ago.The look in my eyes probably terrified my mother....more

getting ready for a big move

I know a lot of moms with kids who have graduated and moved away....more

August 26th...last year and this

It's almost midnight but I have to document the 26th of August for just a second. Because exactly this day last year we were here: Heading off on a grand adventure to live in China for a semester. ...more

an ordinary morning (with a visiting spider)

I've been a little side-tracked trying to catch up with documenting summer stuff right as life is still happening here right in front of me.And it's good and frustrating and agonizing and joyful all mixed in together.Documenting the highlights (especially of the summer favorites) sometimes tends to feel glossy and plastic in hindsight and as much as I love those summer days, I still want to remember the not-so-glossy stuff: ...more

the ranch

We got home from our long road trip just long enough to sleep in our own beds one night (Heaven) and then packed up to leave for the mountains (another Heaven): ...to go help chaperone this group of great friends who were all invited up there. Not only was Elle in Heaven with so many close friends in one gorgeous location, but Claire and Grace thought they died and went to Heaven too with all these great kids to hang with. ...more

Tuachan 2015

We adored Tuacahn so much last year (here) that we decided we better make it a summer tradition. These pictures can in no way do this place justice...it is just so incredibly gorgeous. ...more

some BBS friends, EFY pick-up and the long road home

Over the years since Lucy got her BBS diagnosis Dave and I have had opportunities to go to a few BBS conferences where we have met so many people we have fallen in love with.That is so easy when you can relate so much with the BBS commonality. There is something so comforting about talking to someone who really gets it because they're in the middle of it just like you are. ...more

Bear Lake -- the end

After I dropped off Grace at EFY (back here) I went back up to the lake so hang with my little girls for the week until Grace was done and we would head back to the desert. My sister sent me this picture while I was gone: ...which of course is sweet as pie and I'm sure she does love me but she was mostly anticipating my arrival back at the lake because she knew I was bringing her a special little Polly Pocket Dave had promised her if she didn't whine for a whole day. Yes, the whining issue is pretty bad right at this moment in time ....more

a blessing and a party and grandchildren "groups"

All this stuff was supposed to go back at the end of the reunion post...some extra stuff that happened during the reunion that I didn't fit in that post. So here we go a little late... My brother blessed his new little baby Dean ....more