When I graduated from high school it was in Symphony Hall in Salt Lake City. We had close to 400 in our graduating class so we all fit and I loved and hated it at the same time...(loved it because it was beautiful and exciting, but hated it because I was not ready to graduate from high school I loved it so). (flowers were all the rage I guess:) ...more

Happy 14th, Grace!

From the moment she was born, this girl has been fond of front and center stage, depicted quite nicely in this picture. Her siblings were enamored by her right from the start: She was just so darling that we couldn't get enough of her. ...more

the finale of high school volleyball (and a good-luck bracelet)

Why is it that a lot of superstition comes out in sports? Is it just that you want something to hold onto as you hope for the very best outcome? I've never been much of a superstitious person, but I kind of became one one day in Cambodia back in October ....more


Twenty years ago I married this guy. Yes, twenty. And I was a lot more excited about it than I look in that very serious photo :) We got married three years after our first date ("How to Host a Murder"): It took a while after that date to get it together (parts one and two of that romance story are here and here), ...more

NYC {part 2}

(Part 1 is back HERE.) On Sunday we got to go to church with Eli and Julie. ...more

my Dad

I'm a little late-on-the-draw for Father's Day but I can't resist posting a few pictures of my Dad to commemorate that great day. I love my Dad. I love his enthusiasm for life ....more

Lucy's latest

Lucy always seems to be hard at work creating art masterpieces. This is my favorite one so far: I love that familiarity she portrayed with Jesus. ...more

NYC {part 1}

While our boys were out of town, my middle girls and I dropped Lu off with her beloved Nana and took off… …through some turbulent skies …over our old homeland of Washington D.C. …to be greeted by my brother and a gorgeous sunset in NYC. We were all so excited and the girls got Taylor Swift “Welcome to New York” blasting in the car as we drove over the bridge into the city. Elle has been dying to get back to NYC since this trip back here, and Grace and Claire had stars in their eyes about seeing that great city....more

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summer and a series of unfortunate events

Summer is in full-swing around here. ...more