gratitude for kids who leave home...

...and then come back. It's like there's a magic in the air around here since Max returned for Thanksgiving early Friday morning. ...more

gratitude for kindness and for blog readers

Years ago my sisters-in-law and I had a little rotation going. ...more

gratitude for friends

Today I'm so grateful for friends. ...more

gratitude for the people who help us keep Lucy's vision

As I mentioned a while back, a couple months ago we decided to "give" a sink to Lucy. ...more

Pray for Paris

I'm a little bit slow to the Paris post, but my heart has been breaking for this beautiful city and the beautiful people who fill it up. ...more

gratitude on Friday the 13th and Turkey Trot info.

It's a pretty day here in the desert. ...more

Albion Fit lucky winner

The winner of the $250 gift card to Albion Fit (picked by is: JLH who said:Loving the black criss cross swim suit. And all those stripe and polka dot swim styles.CONGRATS!! ...more

gratitude and our traditional Thankful Tree

Ok, I am really starting my gratitude posts as of today. ...more

happy Veteran's Day

I have to quickly pipe in at the end of the day with some serious gratitude. How grateful I am to those who have given so much so that we can enjoy the freedom that we do. ...more

Albion Fit {another give-away}

A few years ago I did a give-away for a really awesome company called Albion Fit.Elle was pleased as punch that she got to sample some of their awesome clothes (back HERE).So when I got an email asking if we wanted to do another give-away her eyes lit right up. And so did mine. ...more