happy birthday Lucy!

It's a big day today.And by the time this posts we will be celebrating it in a pretty cool place (Angkor Wat!).For now, here are her pictures from her school celebration. The girls: The boys: The bearer of "the birthday treat:" She wasn't duped into how cool it would be to bring fruit this year (last year we brought rainbow fruit kebabs) and was determined we were going to bring brownies so we did.And her class loved it.Made me so happy to be in that class with wonderful teachers and kids.Lu is one lucky birthday girl.Happy Birthday dear Lu! ...more

5th grade soccer day

I got to chaperone the 5th grade soccer day with Claire's class last week....more

a back-to-school photo shoot

For some reason these pictures are showing up pixelated, which makes me hesitant to post them...but I don't have time to re-export them so just imagine them crystal clear how Elle took them will you? ...more

our school here in China

En route to China I got a comment from a blog reader who actually lives here in Shanghai. ...more

Elle is 16

Long ago in a land far away our daughter turned 16. ...more

Friday Q&A -- snotty teenagers

I am struggling with my teenager and am curious about your strategies to deal with the "snotty" teen girl attitude? ...more

white texas sheet cake {or white almond cake} and a colorful table

We invited our first house guests over last night....more

adventures in transportation

Meet our handsome new chauffier:His name is David and I kind of have a crush on him.Yep, Dave got a Chinese driver's license.When we first arrived here there was a guy from Dave's office who drove us where we needed to go. ...more

day-to-day China (so far)

There are some things we are getting used to over here that I want to remember and write down before they don't seem so new to us anymore. I carry two cell phones everywhere I go.Since we're only going to be here for a short time Dave got me a little Chinese cell phone that I use to text, call and WeChat, but I cannot type on that thing to save my soul! ...more

navigating food options so far in China

I knew food would be a little bit tricky here. I remember one morning about a week after we arrived on our trip eight years ago when I finally figured out how I could feed my family French toast. ...more