Friday Q & A -- interviews

Hello! I just came across a post on your blog from March 5th 2008. It was about motherhood and you talked about your father cornering you and your siblings for interviews...more

January little things

We started out January still kind of shell-shocked that we were HOME. We hit the temple straight away (no temples in China) and I loved spending the morning with these three big kids. We took Nana and Papa out for dinner and yogurt to exchange adventure stories ....more

a birthday hike to remember

A couple weeks ago I had a birthday. I love that my birthday is smooshed right in there after Claire's (back here and here) so we can have a little hoopla to shadow over the fact I'm getting older :) I've been wanting to hike at a place called "Flat Iron" for forever and a day. ...more

my 2015 "word"

Dang it, I wanted to write about this a long time ago because it came to me so easy this year, but I guess I was too busy doing it to actually write about it before now, and I guess that's what it's all about, right? ...more

letting go...just a little

As I sent my little girls off to school today clutching their home-made Valentine's boxes and plastic grocery store bags filled with store-bought valentines (complete with little suckers taped to them) I felt this surge of love in my heart for all my little valentines are teaching me. Lucy's sweet friend came over the other day. ...more

Lucy the Bible reader

We took our three younger girls and Dave's mom to see Joseph and the Technicolored Dreamcoat. ...more

Valentine heart attack

We did our traditional Valentine's Day "heart attack" this week for the first time in our new house. ...more

Claire's birthday

Claire had a birthday (back here), and here's how we celebrated: Traditional birthday breakfast. ...more

thoughts on religion and equality and love

I just tried to post this as a comment in the last post, but it won't let me because it's so dang long. ...more


Dave and I ran into the mother of one of Grace's friends one day while we were out and about in China (they lived in an adjacent neighborhood to ours). She told us her daughter had come home from our house a few nights before with stars in her eyes and had raved on and on to her our family: ...more