Jerusalem reinforcements

Sometimes I need reinforcements to get things through to my kids. I love that sometimes other people can reach with ease the innermost parts of their hearts I've been hitting my head against the wall trying to do. ...more

a surprise visit

A couple weeks ago I went in to pray with Lucy at bedtime and this is how I found her: She had big crocodile tears rolling down her cheeks. Oh boy that girl sure misses her older brother and sister. So you can imagine the excitement around here when Elle surprised all these little sisters of hers and came home from Hawaii for the weekend ....more

some cool stuff

So since Sunday for some is a day of planning and preparing for the week ahead, calendaring coming events, and creating world peace (in a perfect world), I figured I should give a heads-up about two things. JOY SCHOOL. ...more

coast of California -- part 1 (including Hearst Castle)

For years I've been dreaming of driving the coast of California. ...more

California road trip -- the beginning

This summer we spent a big chunk of time in California. When you live in the desert you'll do anything to try to beat the heat, and California is the perfect spot to do that. It is not, however, a great spot to beat the traffic ....more

my 2016 "word"

I figure it's about time to introduce my "one word" for 2016 since we're coming around to the home stretch. (How crazy is it that Christmas is coming around the corner before we know it!?) I do a "one word" theme each year...something I want to concentrate on to help me "become" who I really want to be. ...more

babies having babies

Once upon a time there was a family with nine children. Those children grew up and had children of their own. And after years of dreaming of being a mother, the baby of those nine had a baby of her own... ...Smack-dab in the middle of London ....more

avocado cilantro dressing goodness

We are trying to bump up our healthy eating around here. Wait, do I sound like a broken record on that or what? ...more

soccer mania

Well, it looks like we just continue to diversify our sports around here. ...more