Merry Christmas!

We sent out Christmas postcards this year with the help of my Mom and sister and nephew who stuck all the stamps on (thank you ASHTON!!). ...more

a guest post about Grace, the power of prayer and an "errand"

My guest post for the month is up today on "Multiply Goodness" for our "24 Days of Giving" series. It's a little story about Grace and how she ended up teaching me a few things with her faith and it is over here: ...more

Sunbeams and the Primary Program

This is our Primary in our branch here in China: We had our primary program last month and it was the best (which miraculously always seems to be the case in Primary matter what crazy antics the kids pull). Dave and I got to be front and center of the program this year (ha!) ...more

November little things

There are so many "little things" amidst the "big things" that happened in November. ...more

life and a visit to Kevin's hometown -- Elephant Mountain

Why does all the crazy stuff happen when Dave is out of town? ...more

what I learned from "The Giver"

When I read The Giver as a teenager I was mesmerized.It made me think more than any other book I had read before. I still remember reading a big portion of it on an airplane headed who-knows-where, thinking through all the concepts that I had never really thought through before. ...more

the week my brother and cousin came to visit...

Was probably one of our very favorites in Shanghai. My brother Noah was here for his graduate school and my cousin Ben was here for some work things and the timing was perfect to talk over some business options with Dave and Kevin. But we sure mixed in some serious fun with the business ....more

gems from books...and books ARE gems

Last night as we were settling in for bed Dave smiled at me and told me all my dreams were coming true: our kids are becoming enveloped snuggly into a love for reading. And I smiled back. ...more

David's birthday

It was Dave's birthday on November 29th. ...more

the Great Wall -- adventures in Beijing part 2

(Beijing part 1 is HERE)We were so full of excitement on the morning we headed to the Great Wall. ...more