October little things

I don't want to take away from that Thanksgiving post, but I'm sneaking this in at the end of the day here because I'm trying to catch up! ...more

Thanksgiving 2016

Following the Turkey Trot...more

thank you and some scattered thoughts on a Sunday morning

As I sit here this morning trying to finalize my lesson for the girls at church my heart just keeps swelling and I keep getting distracted because of a few emails (and blog comments) I received about #LIGHTtheWORLD yesterday. ...more

prep work (and play) before (and after) the big day (Thanksgiving)

It was a giant party here in the desert all week leading up to Thanksgiving, and after too. Every one of Dave's siblings was in town. ...more

the Turkey Trot 2016

Happy December!For the first day of #LIGHTtheWORLD let's talk about the Turkey Trot. ...more


Tomorrow is December 1st. And I am so excited because that means THIS (below) is kicking off: (You may have noticed that little red box on the right side of this blog and clicked on it before today...if you haven't that's the video it shows...and I could watch it a hundred times I just think it's so beautiful.)It's all about service. ...more

Happy birthday to my #1

It was Dave's birthday today. And although he doesn't like being the center of attention, (here he is at the turkey trot telling my friend he doesn't want to pose for pictures...ha!) But I can't go to sleep until I at least acknowledge the celebration of this man, for posterity's sake if nothing else. ...more

gratitude and tears...and Silent Night

Goodness gracious, I cannot believe Thanksgiving is over and we're marching on to Christmas. Oh the things I would love to write about Thanksgiving and how my heart has been aching with so much gratitude this last week. ...more

if you are looking for a good Thanksgiving salad recipe...

...I figure I better share this one. I just love salads that are kind of filled with "bounty" on Thanksgiving. ...more

a flood and a prayer

Last Thursday we had a flood. Bright and early one morning after scriptures I figured I'd be proactive about getting the tub ready for the girls. ...more