Open Letter re: Children with Mental Illness

Like many of you, I’ve been extremely disturbed by the tragedy that took place Friday. From time to time I’ve followed comments and posts on FB and Twitter regarding the killer’s mental health status and about his upbringing and divorced parents and his Autism. I am defensive. Sad and defensive.As you know, I am the mother of two children with Mental Illness....more
@maryn I drew no equations. Nor have I reported that having a mental illness will make one ...more

I Like it Raw : Writing Where I'm At

In life, our identities change all the time. Often it is a welcome shift. Single to partnered, childless to parent, vegetarian to flesh-eater. It's all relative. Those examples happen to be mine, but we all have them. And often, when we shed an identity, a new one is close by in the wings and quickly donned. We do this because, well, floating around without a definitives feels ... loose. We are categorized by how we define ourselves and there is comfort in that. It's safe....more