Live Clean Fresh Face Collection

Live Clean recently sent me a few items from their Fresh Face collection to review — good timing, because the impending change of seasons always wreaks havoc with my skin! As always, the products are made with earth and body friendly ingredients. This includes 98% plant-based ingredients, keeping the products gentle and soothing for skin (especially skin transitioning into winter, I think) ....more

Home Harvest: Tomatoes

I haven’t actually harvested anything from the garden in a few weeks now (we had frost and snow and I’m just ignoring it all until next weekend when I will hopefully get a chance to do some winterizing). But, I want to finish up this series for our 2014 garden! The tomatoes were an underdog with a sad ending (mostly) ....more


It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. Yesterday I drove up to Pickle Lake with M in the car — Matt had driven up with a few other people on Friday but they had lots of winterizing work to do at my in-laws’ camp, and we figured it would be easier for me to just bring myself and the baby for dinner then drive home later that night. Luckily we had amazing weather yesterday ....more

Driving like a Dew Worm

When I was a kid, spending summers at my grandmother’s house, she would drive us around in her Buick and if we said something like, “You’re speeding, gramma!” (why we would call out our grandmother’s driving, I don’t recall) she would reply with “I’m driving like a dew worm!” The right way to say it is to flap your lips back and forth with your finger while you say dew worm, of course. My gramma had a speedometer that projected her speed onto the dash in hopes of cutting back on her lead foot and I distinctly recall my younger cousin repeating a cuss-riddled sentence, word for word, in the mall parking lot one summer. So I’m pretty sure I was imbued with the spirit of Gramma Mary a few weeks ago while I was practicing parallel parking in town ....more

Just You Wait

I have been thinking about this for a few weeks now, but a recent conversation with friends was the reminder I needed to write it. If you have ever mentioned a desire for babies, been a pregnant person — or really, just existed as someone of childbearing age — you have probably heard some variation on “Just you wait.” Just you wait until you have kids — you won’t be having fun on Fridays anymore! Just you wait until you actually have that baby — if you thought you were exhausted now you have no idea what you are in for ....more

Daycare – A-OK!

M’s practice daycare day was on Friday, and to my utter relief, it went very well! I wasn’t worried about the daycare situation itself — we met with our provider over summer and were confident M would be well taken care of. But I was worried about how the separation aspect would go, because up until practice day, M had never been away from one parent or another for more than a few hours ....more

Winner, Winner

We’re lucky to have a really good neighbour on one side of our house. We basically share a driveway so most of our interaction happens when we’re all arriving or leaving at the same time, although this summer Matt’s gardening time often turned into socializing time. He’s a very environmentally friendly person, and a very friendly person in general, so I wasn’t surprised when Matt walked in two weekends ago holding a homegrown chicken (processed and frozen, not live!) ....more

Kenora Day Trip

Every autumn our local electricity providers shut the hydro down for a day in order to do work on the lines. Last year it was mercifully cancelled and the year before that my dad was in town and we did a day trip to Pickle Lake. This year we wanted to do something new so we set out for Kenora on Sunday, right after the house went dark ....more

Year Two

I’m not sure how many of you are new parents (or experienced parents — I bow down to you) but if you are, you may nod your head in recognition of this second anniversary scenario: After an early dinner out at a restaurant, probably our third solo date since having M, and a short visit to a lakeside park to admire the stars, we got back in the car and started in the direction of home. It was just after 8 p.m., I was incapable of stopping myself from yawning over and over, and we were debating whether we should go out for a drink just so we wouldn’t end up at home early enough that my dad would laugh at us. “Most people aren’t even going OUT until 8 o’clock,” said Matt ....more

M at 10 Months

Yesterday, M turned 10 months old. In the last few weeks she seems to have blossomed even more. About once a week I turn to Matt and say, “How is she so grown up?!” Stats: Once again I don’t have definitive answers (sorry, M) ....more